everythings changed

Maria is just a normal 19 year old girl, she moves in with her dad in london after a huge argument with her mum who lives in america. Maria's dad works as part of the backstage crew for one direction. Maria's dad has to go on tour with the boys which means maria had to aswell. not knowing she would fall in love with one of the boys but he's already in a stable relationship,will maria get her happy ending.


14. 2 years later

"maria,wake up,jess is here" my nan called out,yes you remember i got sent to live with my nan for a few months because my dad didn't want me to get hurt?well it turned into 2 years,i have tried everything to find zayn but i gave up after a year and tried to move on,it didn't work. I've read the magazines and looks like he's back with perrie,so i just left him to be happy,i cry almost everynight whilst listening to the boys songs. I called my dad aswell as he worked with them but he lost his job a few months after i had to leave due to a new women he's met Who i hated. I've deleted my twitter as i didn't want zayn to search me up, i've deleted every social website. I didn't want zayn to try find me either he needs to stay away from me,as much as i loved him i cant be with him, i dont want to get hurt again,the girls were telling the truth that day i got beat up in canada, he deserves better and perrie is perfect for him.

I walked out to the door to be greeted by jess,she was my bestfriend i've know since i was little when i use to always go to my nans,my nan lives in manchester,its quite cool here but gets boring. "hey jess" i ran to her and hugged her. "i have good news,really good news" i've never seen her so happy so i knew it must of been really good news,jess never knew about me and zayn,i didn't bother telling her,i knew she would always talk about it so i knew it was better this way. I've been trying hard to forget about zayn,last year was a bad few months for me,i went clubbing alot and started sleeping with boys just to get my mind off zayn but it didn't work but i know one thing and thats that i need to forget about him,he's already forgot about me..I mean im mad at him,at one point he was talking about me in a bad way at interviews saying i left him for no reason and i got bad publicity everywhere,i won't ever be able to forgive him for giving me a bad name in the fame world.

I took jess up to me room, "so whats the good news then jess?" i said in excitement. "well i've won tickets to a boyband concert and v.i.p tickets to meet them backstage for both of us" "wow,thats great,do you know who the band is?" i shouted in excitement i love meeting celebs!. "well yeah but its a surprise for you" oh god,i hate surprises. "well when is it?" "its tomorrow night,its here in manchester actually" she laughed "oh great" "well thats all you need to know,where something amazing to impress them as they're a great band and first impressions are very important,i'll come pick you up tomorrow at 6,the concert starts at 7 then were be sleeping in a hotel room" It all sounded great but i hope its not a boring band,or i might fall asleep half way through the concert. "okay,okay, 6 tomorrow night,see you then!" i shouted,we hugged each other and then she walked out to her car.

I walked downstairs to my nan and told my nan all about it,she was happy with the idea,she knew i had to have some fun and this is a good way of having fun right?..







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