Buying Love

"You know you love me." He whispered into my neck. I shivered, "Go to hell." He laughed and kissed my forehead. "You're coming with me." He thought for a moment. "I think I'll buy you from Charlie, keep you forever." I felt mysef get nausious at the thought. Zayn. Owning me. Doing what he wanted with me. Forever.


1. Zayn Malik

I sat in the chair, waiting for Charlie to return with my next client. I hate doing this. But if I try to leave, and succeed, Charlie and the others will hunt me down and find me. I remembered when this first started. I was sixteen. Charlie was my highschool teacher. All the girls, including me where crazy about him. I was foolish, young. He wanted to take me to dinner one night. I agreed and ended up being kidnapped, raped and now I'm being sold to have sex with total strangers.This has been happening for about three years and I'm 19 now.  Right now I'm in England, waiting for Charlie to return with another stranger.

The door opened and Carlie entered with a gorgeous boy. He was tall, buff, had black hair and the most beautiful eyes.

"Melanie, this is Zayn Malik. You are going to be owned by him for the next week." My eyes widened. "A week?! I've never been with anyone more than a day." I squeaked. "Yes, well, Zayn paid the fee and you'll be with him for a week." I was awstruck. Why would he pay to have me for a week?
"Hello gorgeous." He said in a deep, thick British accent. My heart melted. I don't understand what a boy this gorgeous is doing hiring girls to have sex with him. He helped me up out of the chair and took my hand. "Let's go." He led me out the room, through the hall, out the hall and out the building into the parkinglot. There was one car parked in the front. Holy shit. He was rich. It was a really nice car. It was siver and shined like it was brand new. "Like it?" He asked, opening the door for me. I nodded. He got in the driverside and started the car. He looked a little tense. "You wouldn't happen to know who I am, right?" He asked a little nervously. I shook my head. "Should I?" I asked. "Good." Was all he said. I felt nervous now. Should I know who he was?  Who was he?

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