Buying Love

"You know you love me." He whispered into my neck. I shivered, "Go to hell." He laughed and kissed my forehead. "You're coming with me." He thought for a moment. "I think I'll buy you from Charlie, keep you forever." I felt mysef get nausious at the thought. Zayn. Owning me. Doing what he wanted with me. Forever.


3. Louis and Niall

"Are you hungry love?" The blonde one asked me sweetly. I slowly nodded. "Come on. I'll get you something to eat." He held out his hand for me. I took it and he led me into the kitchen. It was a really big kitchen. "My names Niall by the way. What's yours?" He asked. "Ummm Melanie." I said. Why were they being so nice to me? He rummaged throug some of the cabinets and the fridge. Finally he pulled out a pizza box. "You like pizza?" He asked. I nodded. Before I was kidnapped I loved pizza. I just forgot what it tasted like. He pulled out six slices then tossed them in the oven. "How many you want?" He asked. "Just two." I said. He smiled. "So. Tell me about yourself." He said. I went to open my mouth to say something but before I could there was yelling, a loud crash, and a lot more yelling. "Shit. Stay right here." Niall said then ran into the living room. "What the fuck is your problem?!?!" I heard someone yell. "KEEP YOUR FUCKIN HANDS OFF ME!!!!!!" I heard Zayn yell back. "Guys stop!!!!" Nialls voice joined. There was whispering an then footsteps. Suddenly the one with the smile in his eyes appeared in the kitchen. "Hi." He said, totally calm. "I think the pizzas ready." He said, reaching into the oven and pulling them out. He handed me two. "I'm Louis." He said with a wide smile.

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