I'm falling for my Brother's Band Mate(Niall and Louis Fan Fiction)(ON HIATUS)

My name is Galaxy Lynn Tomlinson I'm 19 years old. I live in Doncaster,England. And I'm The Louis Tomlinson from One Direction little sister.


8. Chapter 7

Louis' POV

I act like I didn't hear what Galaxy said but I did.I sigh and sit next to her grabbing her phone out of her hand.

"HEY!" She yells reaching over me to grab her phone from my hand. I hold it behind my back. But she doesn't stop trying to get it from me.

"Galaxy stop!" I yell at her which makes her stop trying to get it from me.

"Now tell me the real reason you made out with Zayn?" I ask looking straight into her blue-green eyes.

"I wanted to make somebody jealous. Okay?" She says not looking into my eyes.

"Who did you want to make jealous, Galaxy?" I ask her placing my thumb underneath her chin making her look at me.

"Niall. I like Niall." She says to me. I instantly feel anger coursing through my veins. 

"NO! NO! NO! You can't date my bandmate, Galaxy!" I say standing  up running my hands through my hair. 

"I miss you Louis!You are never around anymore. I need my older brother around!" She says her voice breaking and I know that she's fighting back tears.

I turn around and grab her arm pulling her towards me. And I place my hand behind her head holding her sobbing form into my chest.

"I know you miss me. But I'll ask mum and dad if you can spend a couple weeks with me on tour during the summer. Okay?" I ask her seeing her crying cause she misses me breaks my heart into a million pieces. We have always been close ever since we were little. Our parents even said that we were inseparable when we were younger.

"okay Louis! I love you Brudder." She says her head still buried into my chest. She always calls me that since she was 2. 

"I love you too,Galaxy. I love you too." I give her a kiss on top of her head.

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