I'm falling for my Brother's Band Mate(Niall and Louis Fan Fiction)(ON HIATUS)

My name is Galaxy Lynn Tomlinson I'm 19 years old. I live in Doncaster,England. And I'm The Louis Tomlinson from One Direction little sister.


7. Chapter 6

Louis' POV

Niall says "Thats cool" and I insantly shoot him a "don't mess with me right now" look. 


"Yeah let her have some fun.." He states back at me which just makes me furious.

"She's 17 Niall! ( I couldn't find where I said how old she was)

"And? Zayn's 20. Three years difference."

"She's my baby sister Niall. I can't let her date one of my bandmates. Thats just....wrong on so many levels."

"Have you ever thought that maybe she just wants someone to care for her?" As soon as those words leave his mouth a shocked look appears on my face.

"What!?! I care for her!" I say/yell at him.

"Yes, you do but your hardly here and your parents have to care for your siblings." 

"What are you saying Horan?!?" I growl at him. 

"Nothing. 'm just saying that maybe she's lonely. Your siblings aren't around much and it seems like you two are super close. Maybe she misses you."  I sigh running my hand through my hair Maybe Nialler is right. Maybe she just misses me.

"But I'm here now and she doesn't seem to care!" I fight back to him trying to prove that he is wrong.

"Maybe she doesn't want to feel clingy to you. Why don't you ask her? Instead of talking to me. Y'know she'll give you the right answers."

Galay's POV

I eaves drop on the conversation between Niall and Louis. 

Why is he talking to Niall about me?!?!

I was standing behind the wall still listening when I heard Louis storm off towards where I was hiding. 

Shit. Shit. Shit. Run Galaxy. Run.

I run up the stairs to my room and I fly onto my bed as Louis opens my door. He looks around my room with wide eyes.

"Zayn's not in here if thats what your looking for." I say to him staring at my phone. 

"No. I wasn't. I wanted to talk to you 'bout somethin'."

He sits down next to me and wraps his arm around me.

"Why did you make out with Zayn?"

"He's hot.." I say even though I know full well thats not the reason I did it.

"He doesn't deserve to be used, Galaxy!" He yells at me.

"I wasn't using him." He raises an eyebrow at me. "Okay so what if I was. He was using me." I look down at the floor. 

"Plus, I wanted to make someone jealous." I mumble hoping he didn't hear me.

"What?" He asked me.






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