I'm falling for my Brother's Band Mate(Niall and Louis Fan Fiction)(ON HIATUS)

My name is Galaxy Lynn Tomlinson I'm 19 years old. I live in Doncaster,England. And I'm The Louis Tomlinson from One Direction little sister.


4. Chapter 4

Louis' POV

I hear Niall and Galaxy talk in the living room about us. 

"Ni" she pats on the couch next to her, "we are brother and sister we fight. But we will always be there for one another. He knows it and I know it" She states to Niall. 

I walk back into my bedroom just as my phone starts to ring. I look at the Caller ID and it said "El" I smile as I answer it.

"Hey Babe!" 

"Hey Lou!" 

"How are you,Love?"

"I'm fine. you?" 

"I'm perfect. I can't wait to see you again!" 

"Me too babe." El and I talked for thirty minutes we said our "I love Yous" and hung  up. I stretched and got off of my bed. Hearing some whisperings from Galaxy's room.  I then heard something I've never in a million years thought I'd hear..


Oh No. What is it? Duh-DuhhHH!

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