I'm falling for my Brother's Band Mate(Niall and Louis Fan Fiction)(ON HIATUS)

My name is Galaxy Lynn Tomlinson I'm 19 years old. I live in Doncaster,England. And I'm The Louis Tomlinson from One Direction little sister.


2. Chapter 2


I decided not to make you wait any longer. I will update Abused soon. Its going to get so good here soon! I can't wait for you all to read the chapters I'm writing :)


Galaxy's POV Continued

I see Liam climb out of the car and decide to jump on him while he's stretching. I run and wrap my legs around his waist making him almost fall over. But luckily he stops himself from letting both of us fall over. I chuckle and put my head in the crook of his neck. Smelling his armani cologne. Gah I missed his scent. 

" 'ello Love." Liam says in his accent. 

" Hello LiLi!" I've called him that since I've meet him 3 years ago

He puts me down and I see Harry climb out of the range rover with his back to me. I smirk at my self as I run over to him and jump onto his back. He instantly places his hands on my thighs to keep me on him. 

" 'ello Love." I hear his chesire accent. 

"Hey" I respond back placing my head on his shoulder. He starts to walk to the front door with me still on his back. Louis is still getting attacked by our younger sisters. He looks up and smiles at Harry and I. 

"Don't you hurt my younger sister, Hazza!" Louis warns the younger lad. 

" I wouldn't think of it, Lou!" He states back to the eldest lad. Louis smiles back.

Louis has always been protective over me especially around the other lads. He always tells me that he doesn't want to see me get hurt. 

Harry puts me down once we're inside the house. I run over to Zayn, who is sitting on the couch, and say a small "Hi" to him. He smiles his warm smile at me. I get off of the couch and walk over to the other couch where Nialler is sitting. I sit down next to him and curl up next to him and place my head on his chest. 

"Galaxy.. You're my best mates little sister. We can't do this."
"Do what?" I ask back innocently. I've always had feelings for Niall since I met him. 

"We can't get to close. I can't do that to Lou." 

"okay.." I get up and walk into the kitchen where Harry is making us lunch. He is the best cook I've ever met. I can see why his girlfriends loved him so much. 

"Do you need help Hazza?"

"Sure love. You can cut up those onions for me" He says with a small smile. 

I start to cut them up and start singing "Stay the Night" by Zedd. (I'm in love with this song right now!) Harry turns around and listens to me sing. 

"You never told me you can sing Galaxy!" 

" 'm not as good as Louis!" 

Louis' POV

I walk into the kitchen where Hazza  and Galaxy are making us lunch. I hear Galaxy sing "Stay the Night" by Zedd. I've always told her that she is a good singer, but she just shrugs it off. She doesn't want to become famous like me. I've even had Simon listen to her when I recorded her one time. He had me bring her a record deal but she didn't want it. 

As she put it "Who'll help mom and dad with the kids?" 

I stand behind Galaxy and start to harmonize with her. She turns around and looks at me but stops singing. 

"Don't say it Lou!" She warns me.

"Don't say what??" I ask back innocently.

"Don't say that 'm an amazing singer. And that I should sign with Simon! 'cause I won't and you know it!" With that she throws down the knife and storms out of the room. 

I follow her.






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