I'm falling for my Brother's Band Mate(Niall and Louis Fan Fiction)(ON HIATUS)

My name is Galaxy Lynn Tomlinson I'm 19 years old. I live in Doncaster,England. And I'm The Louis Tomlinson from One Direction little sister.


1. Chapter 1

Today's the day that my older brother,Louis, comes home from his year long tour. I've been cleaning up the house all day. I made his favorite cookies. Chocolate and peanut Butter cookies. 

My other sisters are working on the rest of the house while I work on the downstairs. The other boys, Harry Liam Niall and Zayn, will be staying with us for a week then they'll be going in their seperate ways to go with their families. 


I hear my  mum's car pull in and I jump off of the couch and open the door. I see Louis standing there with a huge smile on his face and run up to him.

"LOUIS!" I yell as I jump on him, and wrap my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. He starts to spin me around like he used to do when I was younger. He puts me down on the driveway as our younger sisters come out to see him. I see Niall standing there smiling at me.

"NIALL!" I yell as I hug him. He puts his head between my neck and my shoulder. I could tell he was smelling me and smiling.  I thought I felt him kiss my neck. I must of imagined it. 

Niall's POV

I saw Galaxy run to Louis and hug him. For a while I've had a "thing" for Galaxy.  And everytime I see her hug Louis or any of the other boys I feel jealousy rise. 

Louis puts her down  and walks over to his other younger sisters.

"NIALL!" I hear her Doncaster accent yell at me as she attacks me with a hug. My head drops between her neck and shoulder. Smelling her sweet scent and smiling. I gently place a kiss on her neck. Hoping she wouldn't tell Louis. 'cause I know he'd kill me if he found out


Should I continue or not? I'll let you decide. I need to get 15 comments ,10 people to put it in their favorites and 20 reads in order for me to continue. It will get better I promise



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