The fight

Lia was a normal 19 year old


1. Peace :D

Hi I'm Lia I have a very protective boyfriend Austin Mahone he's like that because he knows about my crush on Liam my brother Harrys friend I really don't know who to choose but I know Nila would help me "Hi Lia"Nila said "hi do u think I should leave Austin" I asked while shaking "who would u leave him for"Nila asked "Idk"I said "u should leave him for Liam or Niall"Louise said "maybe"I said then Austin came and hugged me then I pushed him away "Austin Lia wants to break up"Nila said and Austin ran "wanna go see the boys?"Nila asked "ya I'd love that"I told her *skip car ride* "Hey Lia and Nila"Harry said "Hey Harry where's Liam" I asked "in the pool"Harry said and I ran towards the pool "hey Liam" I said then Liam turned around to see "Hey Love"Liam said "so how's u and Sofia"I asked Liam "oh I broke up with her for someone but that someone is taken"Liam said as he frowned "who is this girl Liam"I asked but I felt so bad "a girl named Lia"He said then I knew it was me "I hope this girl breaks up with her boyfriend cause I did for someone"I said then Liam smiled "u did?" Liam asked "Ofcaurse"I said then he leaned in and so did I then Harry came right before we got really close "LIA HOPE STYLES!!!!!"Harry yelled then Me and Liam moved "What Harry?"I asked then noticed Harry had a mad look "come with me now"Harry said then he walked away I followed "What now Harry"I said then Austin came out of nowhere "LIAM!!!!!!"I yelled so loud "I'm coming Lia!"Liam said and ran "shut up Lia your coming with me!"Austin said then grabbed me "Liam back away!"Austin said as I found my way towards Liam "No Austin I won't" Liam said then picked me up Bridal style "go home Austin"I said then he ran "sorry about that but I need to talk to u"Harry said then Liam put me down "Um ok what's up"I said "Look i don't like u and Liam kissing and stuff"Harry said "Harry please deal with it I love him"I said......

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