The fight

Lia was a normal 19 year old


2. He what?!

I was crying in Harry's room until Nila came in "Lia u ok?"Nila asked "I'm fine"my cuts from Austin started bleeding "Lia were u cutting?!"Nila yelled "No I didn't"I said "Then explain the cuts on your arms!"Nila said "Austin did that to me"I cried even more "I'm telling the boys!"Nila had a mad look on her face "fine"I said "BOYS GET UP HERE"Nila yelled and the boys ran up "What"Liam asked "Look at Lia's arm"Nila said as they looked "Lia why would u?"Liam asked "I didn't Austin did"I said "That's it Austins going down!"Liam said and ran downstairs "we should go get him"Louis said "Ya"We all ran "Liam wait!"I yelled but Liam was long gone "This is bad"Nila said "Very"I said "Hes gonna get his perfect face ruined!"Zayn said as we all look at him "really Zayn"Harry said as we all started laughing "Oh Zayn"I say as Zayn's phone goes off "It's Liam"Zayn said "put it on speaker"Nila said as Zayn did "Hello"Zayn said "Austin's gone"Liam said "Oh my gosh Liam you didn't!"I yelled "I did"Liam said "NOOOOO"I screamed "LIAM GET BACK HERE NOW!"Harry yelled and Zayn hung up "The Liam I loved he's gone"I screamed and ran upstairs "Liam's back"Zayn said "Im back"Liam said "Liam u just lost Lia I hope u know!"Harry said and Lou ran upstairs 


"Hi Lou"Lia was still crying "Hi i'm sorry for what happend"I said "It's alright"Lia said "You didn't deserve him"I leaned in to Lia and kissed her "Lou she's mine"Liam came out of nowhere........


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