Waiting For Forever

The amazing journey continues as our five couples are back in college after their mid-term break and Christmas is just around the corner. Everything seems to be going well for the gang but underneath all the happy dappy the cracks are beginning to show. Each couple experiencing their own handful of difficulties, can they all pass through it? Can Liam and Felicity stay in contact, even though being over 400 miles apart? What happens when one loses contact? Or for Niall and Nicole, arguing constantly over the most stupid of things? Zayn and Audrey, working AND living together? Maybe it's time one of them moved out? Or Leah and Harry? When another guy shows up at their English class, does Harry get jealous? Or maybe it's Lorraine and Louis? Trying their best to bring everyone back together, racing against the clock. Maybe all the crumbling relationships around them is taking its toll on them too?


9. The Party, Part 3

 Leah P.O.V.

Harry has been giving me these awful looks all evening like I killed his cat or something. He is probably just jealous. Ross hasn't been the best date though. He seems more interested in Maia, Harry's date than me. I looked back at Harry who was still giving me a look. I decided to join him and gave him a look of my own.He snapped.

"what is your problem!?" He shouted at my from across the table.

"My problem? What's with the evil stare of doom you've been giving me all evening!?" I shouted back at him.

"No guys. Please don't do this" Lorraine tried to interrupt us.

"You know what? I'm leaving!" Harry and I both said in unison.

"C'mon Maia, we're leaving" Harry sat up out of his chair violently.

"C'mon Ross let's go." I said as I rushed out of the room.

Lorraine P.O.V.

 Oh My Lady GaGa, This is a disaster! Everyone is storming off! Leah, Harry, Maia and Ross are gone. Laura and Niall are headed off and Nicole seems to be headed in that direction too. I can hear Zayn shouting. He ran out after Audrey, I think something bad happened with them too. Now it's just Liam, Louis and I sat here awkwardly. My Happy Birthday just turned into a disaster birthday. Liam got up and left. I looked at Louis. He began rubbing my back

"I'm sorry love"he said.

I began to cry again, but this time it wasn't because I was happy. 

"Louis we have to get things back to the way they were. Everyone was so happy in Paris but now some of us don't even talk to eachother. Lou, you have to help me make it right."

"Yes love but, some people change and we can't force them to love eachother...."

"But we can try. Please?"

He nodded."But we should let all this cool off first. We'll start tomorrow, when everyone has calmed down and cleared their heads".

"okay Lou." I gave him a hug and he walked me back to my room. I'm kindof glad we aren't fighting. I don't know what I'd do without my Louis.

Zayn P.O.V.

I followed Audrey out the door. She got in an elevator and I just stopped the doors from closing. I got into the elevator with her.

"Oh hi Zayn" she said blankly.

"Where are you going?" I asked trying to sound innocent.

"Oh just off to vogue for an hour, I'll see you back at the apartment"

"Look Audrey, I know you are lying to me. Are you cheating on me?" I asked grinding my teeth.

"No Zayn! I would never-"The elevator bell interrupted her because we had reached ground level.

"I don't ever want to see you again." I said quietly but seriously. The elevator door opened and I stormed out. I walked swiftly back to our-her apartment. Not once looking back to see if she was chasing me. When I got back to the apartment I packed up all my stuff and headed to Liam and Niall's room.

Nicole P.O.V.

I ran out after Niall because I saw Laura go to the bathroom so I thought this might be my chance to explain to him why I needed to break up with him but now I realise I can't because I still love him . "Niall hey!" I said awkwardly.

"Um hi. Are you okay?" He asked my like I was a complete stranger.

"Am actually I wanted to talk about why we broke up, you see you didn't give me chance to explain-"But he cut me off.

"No Nicole I don't want to hear your excuses. If you liked someone else, you should have just told me"

"someone else? But there isn't someone else. If you just let me explain-"

"Nicole, I'm not that gullible okay. I won't let you do that to me. Now go back to your boyfriend"I could see his eyes welling up.

I have no idea what he meant by boyfriend but I am not going to let him get away without a proper explanation.My eyes started to sting and my voice went croaky"Niall, If you'd just listen you would know that I'm trying to say sorry and that there was a reason why we broke up but now we can-"

"whoa what's happening here!?" It was Liam, he probably heard us. Then I realised we were probably speaking way to loudly.

"Perfect timing Liam" Niall said giving Liam a nasty look. Niall turned around and headed for the elevator.Then I realised he must have thought Liam and I were-oh no! I ran down the hall after him but he was already in the elevator and the door was closing. I was too late the door closed and the elevator started to move. I started to hit the elevator desperately before I got too tired and collapsed onto the floor, my back against the wall and my arms wrapped around my legs.Liam followed me and sat next to me. He tried his best to comfort me but it was no use. I just sat there for ages crying and crying until I could cry no more.


Liam P.O.V.

Nicole feel asleep after crying for ages. It made me so sad seeing her like this. Even thinking of everyone else who was fighting. It's just devastating. I began to think of felicity. I wish she was here to help. She would know what to do. I carried Nicole back to her apartment where Lorraine was waiting before us. I laid Nicole down on her bed and then went to the kitchen and told Lorraine what happened and she told me about Leah and Harry. She told me about her and Louis's plan of trying to get everyone back together again. I sure hope it works. It will be very difficult.

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