Waiting For Forever

The amazing journey continues as our five couples are back in college after their mid-term break and Christmas is just around the corner. Everything seems to be going well for the gang but underneath all the happy dappy the cracks are beginning to show. Each couple experiencing their own handful of difficulties, can they all pass through it? Can Liam and Felicity stay in contact, even though being over 400 miles apart? What happens when one loses contact? Or for Niall and Nicole, arguing constantly over the most stupid of things? Zayn and Audrey, working AND living together? Maybe it's time one of them moved out? Or Leah and Harry? When another guy shows up at their English class, does Harry get jealous? Or maybe it's Lorraine and Louis? Trying their best to bring everyone back together, racing against the clock. Maybe all the crumbling relationships around them is taking its toll on them too?


6. Preparations For a Party and a Post Man

Louis P.O.V.

Today is Lorraine's birthday, Saturday the ninth of December. "Harry come on! I need you to help me!". Harry has been stuck in his room basically sense he and Leah broke up, but I need him to help me sort out Lorraine's party which is TONIGHT! Nothing too big just the ten of us (well maybe thirteen if Leah brings Ross. Harry and Niall have also told me they are inviting someone too.)  What does that mean? Have they moved on that quickly? I hope not, it will just add to the friction. How are Lorraine and I meant to get them back together then!? I have so much to do and I feel like I'm on my own here trying to organise it all! I need help, maybe Leah might help. Gosh, I hope we actually have a party because of the way things are right now, half of the guests aren't going to talk to each other or maybe not even turn up at all. 

Leah P.O.V.

I went over to Ross's apartment this morning after I made some birthday pancakes for Lorraine ( she always makes breakfast for me so I thought it was about time for me to return the favour.) While at Ross's I explained the last day to him fully and told him that Harry and I are officially over. I told him I was sorry for giving him mixed signals but now I am all for us and that I would make it up to him so I invited him to Lorraine's birthday. I hope Harry doesn't bother coming because I would hate to see him there, plus this is my best friends birthday party and I am not about to pass on it because of a stupid brake up! Harry is bound to start some silly argument with me or Ross and I am not going to let him ruin Lorraine's day. On my way back to my apartment I ran into Louis who looked very scattered.

"Oh hey Leah! Just the girl I wanted to see. I need your help. I need you to take Leah out for a couple of hours while I sort out the party. I just think it would be easier to keep it as a surprise if she wasn't around while I set it up. Could you take her out shopping or to the cinema or something? please?"

He looked so stressed out, not like the Louis I know. It was the least I could do, plus a shopping spree might take my mind off 'other' things.

" Yes, of course Louis. Sounds great! I'm sure the party will be amazing, she will love it!"

"Thanks so much Leah. You are a star! I'll call you as soon as we are done to give you both time to get dressed. Just tell her you are going to a club or something."

"Grand, can't wait! See ya Louis!"

"Cheers Leah!" And with that he ran off down the hall. He must have his hands full.

Lorraine P.O.V.

Just as I finished my last bite of pancake, I heard a knock on the door. I rushed over to open it but was taken aback by the person on the other side. It was that cute delivery guy, what's his name again...Dan? Yes Dan!. He seemed to have a lot of parcels, barely able to keep his balance.

"Hi Dan!"

"Hey Lorraine. I have quite a bit of post for you toda-whoa whoa whoa!!!" And with that he seemed to have lost his balance and all the parcels flew out on the floor.

"whoops! Sorry about that"

He began picking them up and I helped him. He started to blush and I could tell he was embarrassed. He was so cute and I hadn't realised until now how good-looking he was. I handed him the last parcel and my hand brushed against his, but pulled it away quickly.

"So.. Oh yeah the parcels"

He flicked threw all the parcels, the majority of them with "Lorraine Kelly" written on them. Most of them are probably from my family back in Ireland. He handed them to me with great care trying not to repeat the same mistake of dropping them.

"Ha, you must be really popular" He said jokily.

Just then I saw Leah who pushed passed Dan and skipped inside "Hey Lorraine!" she said. She seems excited about something. I returned back to Dan.

"No. Not really It's just my birthday."

"O really? well er happy birthday then"

Then he turned away and carried on with delivering parcels but not without giving me a cheeky little smile. One that would melt anything in its path. Wow.

Audrey P.O.V.

Zayn has just asked me to go to Lorraine's birthday tonight. It should be great fun! Apparently Louis is doing most of the work himself so Zayn and I are going to go down there and help him now. I just have to figure out what I am going to wear! I also hope Louis party menu is has a healthy option. I can't gain any more weight. Vogue isn't going to let me model if I gain any more. Modelling isn't as amazing as it sounds. sure you get well paid but the sacrifices are huge. I haven't had chocolate or ice cream in 3 months! But I can't afford to lose this job. It's everything to me.

Nicole P.O.V.

That's it! I have to get Niall back. He was wrong. I was wrong. Tonight at the party I am going to set things right. I hope he accepts my apology. I know that with this sadness I wouldn't be able to concentrate on my exams anyway. I know it's confusing and I keep changing my mind but I know I will find a way to make it work. It has to work. I love him.

Louis P.O.V 

Thank goodness! Zayn and Audrey have just arrived and are going to help me set this up. Maybe this might actually go according to plan. I honestly hope Lorraine likes this. I want to make this memorable. I just got a text from Leah. She says that they have just left the apartment now and that Lorraine wont have a clue about the party because, SHE'S GOOGLEING OVER SOME GUY NAMED DAN!? Whose this Dan guy? I don't see him bending over backwards trying to organise a party for Lorraine! Now I just want to get this done so she can come and explain herself! grr now I'm all moody. I have prove to her that I am the best boyfriend ever. "Zayn! Audrey! This place has to look awsome okay!?"

Leah P.O.V.

I just got a text from Louis. He says he is nearly ready and that we should get back to the apartment and get ready! The party starts at eight and will be held at Lou and Harry's( yuck! ) apartment. He says the place is completely transformed, I can't wait to see what he has done with the place!

"Err Lorraine we have to um go home and get ready"

"for what Leah?"

"Err am it's a surprise!"

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