Waiting For Forever

The amazing journey continues as our five couples are back in college after their mid-term break and Christmas is just around the corner. Everything seems to be going well for the gang but underneath all the happy dappy the cracks are beginning to show. Each couple experiencing their own handful of difficulties, can they all pass through it? Can Liam and Felicity stay in contact, even though being over 400 miles apart? What happens when one loses contact? Or for Niall and Nicole, arguing constantly over the most stupid of things? Zayn and Audrey, working AND living together? Maybe it's time one of them moved out? Or Leah and Harry? When another guy shows up at their English class, does Harry get jealous? Or maybe it's Lorraine and Louis? Trying their best to bring everyone back together, racing against the clock. Maybe all the crumbling relationships around them is taking its toll on them too?


2. Plans for the Party

Louis P.O.V

Last night was great! It was the first time that the whole gang of us (besides Felicity) actually had the time to hang out and spend time together. Lorraine and I noticed how Nicole was treating Niall, the poor guy. He’s truly, madly, deeply in love with her, and she just can't see that? Well, Lorraine is going to have a chat with her today anyways to see what’s up.

 It’s about 10 a.m. and I just got up. It’s a Sunday so it’s “all good”. I went for a shower and then started to make breakfast. Harry had just woken up and walked into the kitchen in his pyjamas. “Good morning!” I said enthusiastically. It was a first to see Harry in pyjamas, as it is normally custom to him not to wear anything at all going to sleep at night. “Morning sunshine” he replied.  He walked over to the open sitting room and opened the curtains of the big glass window, letting downtown London and the sun seep in.

“Any plans for today?” he asked as he sat back down at the kitchen counter. “As a matter of fact I do, and I need your help considering you're really good at it” I said whilst pouring two cups of coffee out for us. Harry raised an eyebrow and ruffled his hair. “As you know, it’s Lorraine’s birthday next Monday and I was hoping you'd help me plan her birthday party for this Friday. Remember back in Paris when you planned the dinner on the secret roof-top garden? You were really good at it!” I said while sipping on my coffee. “Yeah, I am pretty good at that” he said blushing. “Sure! I'll help you! Is it going to be here?”. “No, it'll be at her place. On a Friday she doesn’t finish class until 6, then she’s normally home for 7. I finish at around 5 so I can come up early enough to get the place sorted out. I have a key to get in, but Nicole or Leah will probably help there” I said. “So, I’ll be in charge of the food and decorations so? And I’ll also spread the word to the others, and her classmates too” Harry said, finally getting up from the counter and walking towards the sink. “Thanks Hazza” I said. “No problem. I’m going to get dressed and we can go over to the girls. Maybe you can take Lorraine out for a bit? So we can do some planning?” Harry said while moving towards the hall. “Sure” I replied.


Lorraine P.O.V

“Good morning!” Leah said to me as I entered the kitchen this morning at around 10 a.m. “What are you doing up so early?” I asked curiously. It’s not really normal for Leah to be awake at this time of the day. The only other time I remember seeing her awake at this time of the day was when we were flying to Paris last month. “Oh, I just woke up at 8 and I couldn't get back to sleep” she said with a smile. “Would you like some cereal or something?” she asked me. “Oh, yes please”. “We have Weetabix, cornflakes or Crunchy Nut” she said whilst going through a cupboard. “Oooh, I’ll have some cornflakes!” I said. “It’s been a while”. Leah poured out some into a bowl for me, got the milk from the fridge and handed it all to me. “Thanks darling” I said to her.

“So, what was up with Nicole yesterday?” Leah asked me while sitting down opposite me with her coffee. “You noticed, huh?” I asked her. “Who couldn’t?” she replied with another sip of her coffee. “Speak of PDA, it was the total opposite” and with that we both laughed. “Ehh” I said while sighing. “She’s got exams before Christmas this year, and she’s been literally spending all her time locked up and studying. Which equals zero Niall Horan time” I explained to Leah. “Yeah, but she was so rude to him last night, it just didn't seem like her. I think something else is up” Leah said. “Maybe we should talk to her” I said when nobody else but Nicole walks into the kitchen. “Good morning” Leah and I said in tune. “Morning guys” she beamed back. Before anyone got a chance to start a conversation, Louis and Harry arrived, letting themselves in. “Morning gorgeous girls!” they said at the same time. Louis came over and sat by my side and whispered in my ear. I smiled, sat up and grabbed my coat. He was taking me out for the morning. On our way out I noticed him winking to Harry. What’s all this about then?


Harry P.O.V

“So this is where I need your guys help” I said, finishing my spiel about Lorraine’s surprise birthday party. “It sounds great!” Nicole said after eating a spoonful of her cornflakes. I took out a piece of paper from my back pocket and showed it to Leah. “This is what we need. Would you like to go out shopping with me to get them?” I asked her with a smile. “I'd love to. Let me just grab my coat” she replied. She sat up, ran to her room and within a minute was back again, all ready to go. “Bye Nicole” we both said and then we were out the door.


Niall P.O.V

Last night Nicole was in a really bad mood. I’m going to head over to her place now and she if we can sort things out. I just don't understand what’s wrong with her. She keeps insisting that it’s her studies but I think it’s something else. I grabbed my jumper while I was heading out the door of our apartment and walked down the hall. Liam was still sleeping so I decided to leave him alone. He’s someone else who hasn't been acting the same recently, but that’s because Felicity is away in Paris, and he’s stuck here in London.

 I knocked on the door and Nicole opened it almost immediately. “Hey” she said in a sort-of-sad tone. “Hey” I said. “Can I come in? I think we need to talk”. “Sure. Come in”. We both sat down at the counter, me opposite to her. It felt so hard, so hard to speak to her. We were so close in Paris, and now I feel so distant to her. So cold. “How are you?” I asked kindly, breaking the silence. “Look, Niall. Let’s not pretend with anything. We're just wasting our breaths. I have exams before Christmas, and if I don’t pass them I'm going to move back to Ireland, closer to home. It’s nothing personal against you, I just don't have time” she said all in one breath and I was completely taken aback. I stood there in shock. Where did this all come from? I really don't know. She sat up from the table, came over and gave me a hug, and walked away down the hall to her room. I was frozen. I was upset. I was heartbroken.


Louis P.O.V

“So babe, I was thinking of going to Carrot Park? What do you think?” I asked Lorraine as we walked down the steps of Halltown. She just smiled at me. “I'll take that as a yes then!?” We walked down the road for a few minutes then took a left down a small avenue-like cobblestone road. The leaves from the trees flooded the ground as we walked past the little ice-cream shop where last September we had a beautiful day out. Just opposite the shop was the brass gate that opened into the “King’s Stairs Garden” also known as Carrot Park. There was another couple walking down by the river Thames bank, watching the swans swim by. Holding Lorraine’s hand, I gave her a little twirl towards me and grabbed her around the waist. She hung on around my neck and I lifted her close to me, kissing her passionately. Filling me with warmth and happiness, there really wasn't anyone else that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I was so happy, and so was she.


Leah P.O.V

Harry and I have gone down to Sainsbury to buy the supplies for Lorraine’s surprise birthday party. It’s now 2 o clock and Louis said he'd be back with Lorraine for 5 so we have loads of time. We have to buy lots of really nice decorations and food. Lorraine loves chocolate so I think we're going to buy her a chocolate fountain. She’s going to love it!

 “Leah, I’ll be back in a second. I'm just going to get Lorraine her birthday present” Harry said to me while giving me a quick kiss and going into another isle of the shop. Just then when I turned around I saw Ross. He was looking at me. He started to go really red when I caught his gaze, and he smiled. I smiled back and then he was gone. You're probably wondering who “Ross” is? He transferred from Colorado to London, studying English just like Harry and I. That’s how I met him, in the first English lecture we had since coming back after mid-term. He has bleached blond unkempt hair, gorgeous muscles and an adorable American accent! He was really shy and nervous coming to London and I was like the only one who was nice to him. He’s really nice, don't get me wrong! But that’s all there is between the two of us, and hey? I have Harry. Speaking of the beauty himself, he just came around the corner with a huge box in his hand. “What’s that babe?” I asked curiously as he put it into the trolley. “Oh, it’s the chocolate fountain” he said with a smile. I suddenly just kissed him, and he kissed me back. There was just something in my heart, a little hint of doubt that I had to check. When I pulled back, I saw Ross looking from the corner of my eye. What’s going on?

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