Waiting For Forever

The amazing journey continues as our five couples are back in college after their mid-term break and Christmas is just around the corner. Everything seems to be going well for the gang but underneath all the happy dappy the cracks are beginning to show. Each couple experiencing their own handful of difficulties, can they all pass through it? Can Liam and Felicity stay in contact, even though being over 400 miles apart? What happens when one loses contact? Or for Niall and Nicole, arguing constantly over the most stupid of things? Zayn and Audrey, working AND living together? Maybe it's time one of them moved out? Or Leah and Harry? When another guy shows up at their English class, does Harry get jealous? Or maybe it's Lorraine and Louis? Trying their best to bring everyone back together, racing against the clock. Maybe all the crumbling relationships around them is taking its toll on them too?


10. Now What?

Liam P.O.V

I was a little apprehensive about heading back to our apartment. Niall made it perfectly clear earlier on that he doesn’t want anything to do with me. I was confused as well. He said that Nicole was my girlfriend? She was only sitting next to me at dinner, and I obviously did notice her touchiness. I feel kind of used. Was she only using me to get to Niall? It was times like these when Felicity would know what to do. She had a fiery spark inside of her that would bring all of us together. I really missed her, and I really hated myself for not making more of an effort to keep our long distance relationship strong.

 I was completely in another world as I walked down the hallway of the third floor to Niall’s and I’s apartment. To my surprise, I found Zayn pacing the sitting room when I entered. “Zayn, you’re causing a draft buddy. What’s up with you?” I asked sounding concerned, but honestly I was emotionally drained right now and didn’t have the energy to really care. “Things between Audrey and I are over. I mean, they have been over for a while now, things just blew up today. I know she’s cheating on me. She’s barely at our apartment; we barely talk anymore, let alone kiss. She’s putting on the ‘I’m really busy at work’ act, but I’m not buying it. Seriously? We work in the same place, and I’d know if she’s really busy or not” Zayn said triumphantly while finally caving in and sitting down. “Where is she now?” I asked nonchalantly. “I suppose she’s out with whoever she’s cheating on with me. Dude, can I stay here for a couple of days? Get my head and heart sorted out?” Zayn asked me desperately. I looked over at him and reassuringly said “stay as long as you want. You’re always welcome here”.


Audrey P.O.V

“Thanks for meeting with me Rachel. I know it’s a Saturday and normally we don’t work today, but I really needed your help” I said to my dietician as we talked in her office on the sixth floor of Vogue. “These tablets Audrey, they’re a big risk. The effects could be life-changing” she said to me as she showed me a small white bottle filled with tablets. “I need this” I said. “They’re going to kick me out of here if I don’t lose more weight, and I feel like no one understands me right now, not even Zayn”. “Well, these cost one hundred pounds a piece, and I’d be happy to cover for you. You should start to see a difference almost immediately. Keep me updated and I’ll monitor your progress”. “Thanks Rachel. Oh, and please don’t tell anyone, especially not Zayn”.


Niall P.O.V

I still love Nicole. I always have and always will, but seeing her tonight getting all touchy with Liam, my best friend, just made me sick to the pit of my stomach. How could she do this to me? The only reason that I brought Laura was because I felt sorry for her, and myself. I was embarrassed to show up by myself. Call it pride, I don’t care, but she crossed the line. Then she runs after me to give me a reason why she broke up with me in the first place! Her timing is a little off in that department. I’m just so annoyed!

 After dropping Laura back to her house I headed home. Today has been such a long day and all I wanted to do now was to have some time to myself.I walked into the elevator and hit the floor 3 button and it began moving upwards.The doors of the elevator opened and I thought of what happened earlier, between Nicole and I. As I walked out of the elevator something caught my eye, something sparkly. It was a tiny little hair slide with five little pink diamonds along it, Unmistakably Nicole's. She was wearing it today.I picked it up and had a sudden urge to fling it across the hall but some bit of me just made me put it in my pocket. I carried on walking down the hall. When I knocked on the door of Liam and I's room, I was surprised to see Zayn answer.He told me about what happened between him and Audrey and how he was staying here for a bit. I was kinda glad because I wasn't the only one going through this and he presence make it easier to face having to be in the same room as Liam. I went into my room and just started to mess around with my guitar. It helped me calm down and clear my head.Laura sent me a few texts asking if I was okay but I just ignored them. I felt bad though. I shouldn't be taking this out on her. Maybe I should stop seeing Laura. It's too soon. I'm not ready to move on yet. I think being a single pringle for a bit might do me some good.

Leah P.O.V.

“Whoa! Leah what’s going on?” Ross asked me as he ran after me down the lobby of Halltown. He grabbed hold of my left arm to stop me and spun me around to face him. “Did you see Harry? He wouldn't stop staring at me all night!” I couldn't control my anger and lashed out at Ross. “And you! You were flirting with that Maia girl!” I said loudly. I felt like my world was crashing and crumbling around me, with nothing or no one to hold on to.

 “I was not flirting with her. We just have lots in common, we both got carried away. Babe, I’m with you, and I hope you know that I’m there for you no matter what” he said so sweetly with his dirty blond hair catching the spotlights from above. Somehow though when I looked into his eyes, it was Harry that I saw. This made me really upset and I just started to cry. Ross wrapped his arms around me and cradled me, and we just stood there in the middle of the lobby for a long time.


Harry P.O.V

“I mean, what is her problem? She just lashed out at me for no reason at dinner. And the way she laughed at Ross’s jokes and grabbed his big muscles like it was no big deal. Fake, it’s all just fake”. I was complaining to Maia about Leah and Ross and it was obvious that she didn’t care. “Look Harry. You’re lovely and all, but I can’t help but feel like a third wheel here. Clearly you were using me, and I’m hurt. But don’t strain yourself to apologise. I don’t care” she said angrily. “Don’t bother calling me” she said, and with that she left. Leaving me standing in the middle of the street, gobsmacked.  But she was right. I did use her, just to get at Leah and it obviously worked. But somehow still even then, I didn’t exactly feel satisfied. I walked home defeated, but tomorrow was a new day.


Louis P.O.V

I just finished cleaning up the house when Harry arrived with a huff. “Where is everyone?” he asked glumly. “They’ve all gone home, or should I say ‘somewhere where I don’t care’. Harry how could you? You knew this was Lorraine’s birthday? Why did you and Leah have to blow up today? Everything was a total disaster” I said to Harry as I was picking up the rubbish from the table and stuffing it angrily into a black plastic bag. Since everyone left, I was the only one here to do all the cleaning up and there was a lot to do. “I’m sorry Louis-”. “Don’t apologise to me! Apologise to Lorraine!” I said angrily, fed up of all this crap. Harry didn’t bother replying. He just turned around and walked out the front door, leaving it wide open to my dismay.

 I was just so upset. I had put so much effort into this birthday party for Lorraine. Earlier on she was crying in my arms about how upset she was that everyone was fighting. She was crying not because HER party was a disaster, or about how SHE barely got any presents or attention, but because of others. She never thinks about herself, and what she wants. It’s always others. It pisses me off so much that people take advantage of her all the time. One day she is just going to blow.

 Harry walked in a minute later with a confused look on his face. He had a note in his hand and he handed it to me. “Was she that upset?” Harry asked me. I didn’t reply straight away because I was too busy processing the information on that piece of paper. I looked up at him with tears forming in my eyes. “She’s gone”, I said. “And don’t bother coming after me”.

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