Waiting For Forever

The amazing journey continues as our five couples are back in college after their mid-term break and Christmas is just around the corner. Everything seems to be going well for the gang but underneath all the happy dappy the cracks are beginning to show. Each couple experiencing their own handful of difficulties, can they all pass through it? Can Liam and Felicity stay in contact, even though being over 400 miles apart? What happens when one loses contact? Or for Niall and Nicole, arguing constantly over the most stupid of things? Zayn and Audrey, working AND living together? Maybe it's time one of them moved out? Or Leah and Harry? When another guy shows up at their English class, does Harry get jealous? Or maybe it's Lorraine and Louis? Trying their best to bring everyone back together, racing against the clock. Maybe all the crumbling relationships around them is taking its toll on them too?


3. It's all downhill from here

Leah P.O.V

Later that evening we headed back to our apartment with the goodies for Lorraine’s birthday party and stuffed them into the laundry closet before she and Louis got back from their day out. I was quite surprised when I saw Ross staring at Harry and I when we kissed in the shopping aisle. Harry doesn’t have any ideas about Ross, and I hope he won’t because there is and will not be anything between the two of us. “I better go now babe. Walk you to class tomorrow?” Harry asked me as we finished putting the last of the decorations away. “Okay, goodnight sweetie”, I replied.

  I went down to my bedroom and plonked myself on my bed, letting out a sigh of utter frustration. “What is wrong with me?” I whispered to myself. Suddenly I heard a knock coming from Nicole’s room. “Keep it down! I’m trying to study!” she shouted. Whoa, I was barely even talking. She’s got ears like a mouse. I’ve got to keep my distance from this Ross character, he’s only trouble, and that’s really not what I need right now, especially coming up to Christmas. I want for all of us to be happy in the festive season. Speaking of which, I got Louis for the secret Santa so I’ve got to start thinking about what I’m going to get him. I do know that he really likes football, and carrots, so maybe I could get him something of the kind.


*Next Morning*

 “Good morning Leah”, Harry said to me as he arrived at our apartment the next morning, just in time to pick me up. “We have a lecture about Charles Darwin and Christmas in an hour”. “Good morning sweetie. Let me just grab my coat” I said as I finished my last spoonful of Weetabix and headed to the laundry closest to get my coat. “Ehm, let me help you”, he said as we both walked over to the closet. “The door is basically jammed”, Lorraine said from the kitchen table. She was busy reading The Guardian newspaper that a boy called “Daniel” started delivering to us every morning since arriving back here. I opened the door a little bit and stuck my arm in to get my coat, careful not to knock over any bottles of wine. “Thanks”, I said to Harry as he closed to door shut. “I’ll get someone to come up and take a look at that door later”, Harry said. “Oh that won’t be necessary Harry, Dan offered to fix it tonight”, Lorraine said casually as she sipped some of her coffee. “Eh, okay I guess”, Harry and I said in tune, a little confused.

 “Who’s Dan?”, Harry asked me as we walked down the stairs to the lobby. “All I know is that he delivers the newspaper to anyone who wants it in Halltown. I’ve only seen him, never really spoke to him before”, I said reaching for the handlebars of the big glass door. A sudden freezing breeze met us as we went outside. There was frost on the road and a sure sign of snow on the way. “Well, does Louis know about him?” Harry asked with sincere concern. “Harry!”, I said shocked, lightly punching him on the shoulder. “I pretty sure Lorraine is perfectly able to take care of herself, and still interact with other guys. It’s not like she’s Louis, not yet anyway”, I said defiantly. “I’m just asking. I mean like, I’d be really hurt if you were to do something like that to me”, he said sadly. And for the first time in a long time, I got this really bad conscience that he knew. The he knew about Ross. But what is there to tell? Absolutely nothing.


Lorraine P.O.V

 I was thinking about getting Niall a new set of bed sheet covers. He always uses the same boring old blue sheets, so I was thinking about getting him some Union Jack ones. Or maybe I should talk to Nicole and see what she thinks, maybe extract some information about their relationship status. “Nicole, can I come in?”, I said while knocking on her bedroom door. “Sure, come on in”. I walked into the dark and stuffy room. There was rubbish all over the place, balls of scrunched up paper everywhere and her bed was all messy. “Nicole, you’ve been in here all weekend. It’s Monday now and I’m pretty sure you have school, or something?”, I asked her as I started to make her bed. “Yeah, I’ve got to leave now, sorry Lorraine, what was it you wanted to ask me?”, she said as she got up from her desk. Her hair was unkempt and her clothes were all dirty and un-ironed. “It’s okay, it can wait”, I said. “I should be late tonight; I’m getting extra grinds from this guy downtown. Don’t bother cooking anything for me, I’ll just grab something on the way”, she said and with that she was gone.


Niall P.O.V

 I’ve got classes in an hour and I’m still in bed. I don’t feel like there is much point of getting out of bed to be honest. Nothing worth living for. The girl of my dreams is just after turning into a nightmare. “Niall, get up or you’ll be late!” Liam suddenly said from behind the other side of my door. That’s the first time in a long time that I’ve heard Liam sounding so responsible. Maybe Felicity and him are working things out, because he sounds back to normal now. I got dressed and went down into the kitchen to have some breakfast. Liam was in there and he was waiting for me with some toast. “Eat up. You don’t have much time, it’s already quarter to eleven”, he said shoving some butter toast in my direction and shoving me out the front door, not letting me have a say. “Don’t be late now”, he said and shut the door behind me. I may have left the apartment, but didn’t have the intention of going to class.

*Later that evening*

 Where am I? Ahh, I don’t even care. Nobody cares about me, so why should I? There’s a sign for Trafalgar Square, I must be nearly home. I can’t even walk straight. I bumped into this guy on the street. “Niall, Niall Horan? Is that you?” the dirty blond haired guy asked me. “Hey it’s me, Ross. Are you okay, do you want me to give you a hand or something?” he asked me, sounding genuinely concerned. I couldn’t even stand up properly, I was too drunk. I leaned one arm over his shoulder, the other clutching my kidneys. “How long have you been drinking?” he asked me as we made our way to Halltown, crossing the bridge. “I really really really like Nicole, why did she leave me?” I burped out. “Do you know what it feels like when you really really really like someone, and they just don’t know it?”, I said clumsily. “As a matter of fact I do”, Ross said quietly, but I still heard him.


Ross P.O.V

 “Niall, oh my god!”, Leah said as she opened the door to her apartment. I helped Niall all the way over here. “Come in!! You can sit him down on the couch”, Leah said smiling at me. She has such a beautiful smile that definitely could not go unnoticed. When I entered their place everyone was gathered around the dining table or on the couch. They all looked up at me when I entered, especially Harry who glared at me for over 5 seconds. “Hey guys”, I said awkwardly. “Ross, what happened?”, Leah burst out as she entered the room after closing the door. Zayn and Louis took Niall from me and I went to sit down at the table with Audrey, Lorraine, Leah, Harry and another face that I didn’t recognise. It was almost 11 o clock at night and I hadn’t even realised it was so late. “I was walking home when I literally bumped into him near Trafalgar Square. He couldn’t stand up straight so I said I’d help him home. I knew where he lived because Leah had told me earlier today”, I said innocently, feeling a little bit under scrutiny by Harry. I saw that Leah’s face flushed pink and Harry stood up and left the table looking a bit annoyed. “Well, that’s all and well”, Lorraine said completely ignoring the tension between Leah and Harry. “But Nicole hasn’t turned up either. She’s still out there somewhere”.

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