Heart Attack

Gabbie wants to be a singer but there's one problem.
She's shy. She's too shy. But that all changes when
Someone comes out of nowhere and changes that and
She never expected that she would be dating
Noone she would ever image

This is my first movella so please no hate and this is based
On my other story that is from my wattpad
1d_lover36 so hope you like it

One direction fanficton :)


8. Is this a date?

I got dressed and met Harry downstairs at the front door of are shared flat. ",is this a date?",I asked Harry ",if you want it to be ", he answered. The car ride was quiet. We went to a fancy restaurant. A waitress came over and took are order.", can I have the Chicken Salad please with some red onion please"?, I asked ",sure you can", the waitress said. ",can I have the same",? Harry asked, "yeah sure". ",so ummm Harry when's the tour gonna be on?", ",it's gonna be on next month and I can't wait for you to open it up?", ",I can't wait". ", what are you going to sing ", Harry asked ", I don't have a clue I might write a new one".

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