Heart Attack

Gabbie wants to be a singer but there's one problem.
She's shy. She's too shy. But that all changes when
Someone comes out of nowhere and changes that and
She never expected that she would be dating
Noone she would ever image

This is my first movella so please no hate and this is based
On my other story that is from my wattpad
1d_lover36 so hope you like it

One direction fanficton :)


5. First Music Video

Today's the day of my first music video. And I don't know why but these passed few months I have been acting all wired and funny around Harry. I'm I starting to like him? Love him? Because he always seems to give me a little Heart Attack! ", 3.....2....1 rolling the video directer called out. 
", I started do the dance that they had to teach me. I was with some other people so it wasn't all bad. But for some reason I kept doing everything wrong because I couldn't stop staring at Harry. ",Gabbie snap out of it," Harry said snapping his fingers by my eyes. We finished up the music video fast so me and Harry signed a few autographs after and went back to the flat. I put on my nice cosy and fluffy like cotton candy socks. I looked up on the Internet and typed in random things because I was bored. I got offline. Harry called me from upstairs", Gabbie have you seen my phone", harrys said ",why", I said ",because I need it", fine ill give it to you but first you have too make me a ice cream with sprinkles and all", fine Harry agreed". I'm after getting used to this life now it's really easy but a bit hard but I love it. Since Harry got put in one direction three years ago he has a tour coming up. There opening act canceled and now Harry wants me open the tour up for them.

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