Heart Attack

Gabbie wants to be a singer but there's one problem.
She's shy. She's too shy. But that all changes when
Someone comes out of nowhere and changes that and
She never expected that she would be dating
Noone she would ever image

This is my first movella so please no hate and this is based
On my other story that is from my wattpad
1d_lover36 so hope you like it

One direction fanficton :)


2. But I'm Too Shy

As the window rolled down my heart was racing. ",I heard you sing", said I man that looked very fimlier. ",your very good", he said. Then it came across me. He's Simon Cowall. The person who can make everyone's dreams come true. ",thank you," I said snapped out of my trace. ",what do you want to be as a career," Simon said, well I want to be a singer but I'm too shy.",why don't you come down to my studio tomarrow and we will see how you do in a recording studio. He gave me his card I stared at it. ", well I better be going now bye see you tomarrow,"he said. ",Bye and thank ", you, I said back. I was so shocked at what just happened I stared at his card a few more times and just taught wow. I was thinking about how much my life could change if it goes well tomarrow. I'm I dreaming because this dosnt happen to people like me. But how I'm I going to perform tomarrow when everyone watching and listining. This just dosnt happen to people who sing in there bedrooms. But why me?

I know the story isn't great but I promise that the next chapter will be! :)

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