Willow has experienced neglect and abuse all her life, she resorted to self-harm as a release and suicide as a way out from the horror that she lived. Willow has a complicated story where she loved her bully, Taila, she also made friends but at the last moments of her life.

Taila has a slightly different story, she was the bully to Willow but she had a secret as well. In her personal life, outside school she lived with her adopted mother and brother- who was released from prison-, he constantly rapes Taila. She finds that she needs to be better than others at school so no one will see how weak she is. The strange matter was she loved Willow, so in the end she tries to help but it is too late.

Liam is one of Willow's closest friends, at his old school he was bullied for being gay and his boyfriend killed himself, after recovering he moved school and met his new group whom befriended Willow soon after. But did Liam truly get over the pain or did he just hide it away?


8. Willow's Story Part 8

"Willow darling, so nice to see you again", my nightmare smiled walking towards me. I thought I had escaped from her but now here she was stalking towards me like her prey. 

 I backed myself farther into the corner, hoping - wishing I would walk through the wall. Finally she was in front of me, a glimmer of amusement in her eyes. She leaned down grabbing a chunk of my hair to make me look at her. 

"Is that any way to treat your mother, Willow?", the blonde demon asked, every word rolling off her tongue as if the word 'mother' was vile.  

I shuddered and flinched as her hand came up to my face touching my cheek lightly. My eyes shut tight as her fist connected with my face, her cold laughter playing in my head. I tried to tell myself it wasn't real, that she wasn't there but she was. 

 "You are just as disgusting as ever, in fact I think you are even fatter", my pathetic excuse of a mother spat at me prodding my stomach. 

"What's going on?", my dad asked, his voice slurred from his usual alcohol. I opened my eyes to see him smiling at my mother.  

What happened next broke my last part of hope, my dad came over and threw me to the floor before kicking me in the stomach. I let out a cry for help but I barely made a sound, finally I just let everything happen. I shut out the feelings, closed away the pain. Every hit my mother and father inflicted onto me instead of feeling their hits, I felt nothing but a inch of pressure. 

I felt the knife carve into my stomach but not a bit of pain. I watched as my blood spilled onto the floor but still nothing. I felt numb and let the hours pass by, my parents had left the room but still I laid there on the ground. My heart broke from the pain of life, my world crumbled into thin air and I became broken.

 After hours laying there I slowly stood up and limped over to the bathroom across the hall. The house was strangely silent so I knew they were away out, I looked in the mirror disgusted with myself. My eye was swollen, a bruise was forming on my cheek and neck. Lifting up my top I found that they had carved words into me. Words that spoke the truth of what my own parents thought of me.

 Fat, pathetic, ugly, and what I already knew, unwanted. I sighed and ran the shower to wash away the blood. I stood under the water watching the blood pour off my stomach, when I cut  myself it gave me peace but when they did it, it made me feel disgusting and weak.  

I got out and walked to my room sighing. Life was already bad but not my mother was back it was going to be hell. Grabbing a box from under my bed I sat on the floor opening it to reveal its contents. Photographs.  It was photos from when I was younger, my entire family when we were a family. My parents looking at us with love, my siblings playing with me in the garden. The more photos I looked at showed the changes of my life. Ones with my mother looking coldly at us, ones with bruises on me and dad drinking. Until finally none where left, my world had changed with every passing second. 

I sighed and curled up on the floor crying on the inside. I would have to face Taila tomorrow, would have to try and not break down around the guys and of course, be prepared for more from my mother and father. 




I limped my way to school, the agony in my stomach making it hard to walk. As usual my fringe and hood covered my face which helped to hide the bruises. When I reached the car-park I saw Liam and Seth talking whilst Blake, Evan and Lloyd were on their skateboards. 

I watched them shyly not wanting to   closer, I walked past them to the hoping they wouldn't see me but of course my luck was well non-existent. 

"Willow! Hey", Liam practically screamed running over to me like a child. I forced a smile and waved a little.

"Are you okay?", Evan asked looking at me trying to look me in the eyes failing. I nodded and smiled again hoping they would buy it or at least let it go.

 Blake let out a cough and we all turned to him. His hair fell over his eyes and he walked over to me, he was really tall. In fact most of them were, except Liam he was just a small body of hyper.  

"Do you want to try?", Blake asked gesturing to his skateboard. Biting my lip I nodded, I would love to ride like they did.

"Okay then come here", he said before walking over to where he was before and placed his board down and told me to get on it. 

I stood on the skateboard and actually let Blake touch my sides to balance me. He taught me to balance myself then how to move on it without falling off. After half an hour of practicing I could already skateboard without falling off. 

The bell went and we headed for our classes, as it turned out Blake was in my Maths class. I walked with him to Maths and sat down in my usual seat. Blake normally sat with Mathew and some of the other jerks but he decided to sit with me that day. I watched as half the class stared at him like he was crazy, he just glared at them then turned to face me as if it was normal for people to talk to me but it really was rare. 

"Willow, I'm not like those douches stop thinking we are going to harm you", Blake said his voice serious. I nodded and murmured a thanks just as Taila walked into the classroom.

 I looked up at her my heart thumping against my chest, I couldn't place a finger on the feeling I was feeling at that moment. My eyes locked onto hers and I felt the world slip away, my stomach was tossing and my heart felt like it was going to explode. 

Blake brought me back to reality causing me to blush as Taila walked by. I turned and looked at Blake who was staring at me with an amused look. Grabbing my notebook I scribbled what?

You like her!, Blake wrote with a smirk on his face.

I let out a gasp of horror. I didn't like her, yeah she was beautiful, smart, different but she was also a bitch, a bully and caused me a lot of pain.

I don't know what you are talking about. I replied before turning my attention to the teacher.

The rest of the day went by fast, too fast for my liking. It was lunch before I knew it I sat down at my table with the guys. i guess I was part of their group. They were eating away whilst I drank water, I didn't want to get even fatter. 


"Where's your lunch Willow?", Lloyd asked with his mouth full of food.

I wrinkled my nose up at the sight in his mouth and looked down needing an excuse.

"Not hungry", I whispered loud enough for them to hear. 


The guys nodded and finished before standing up and pulling me with them. I was dragged outside to the back of the school where a few groups of people sat talking to each other. I looked up at the guys as they headed to some make shift ramps.

 Blake grabbed my wrist causing me to flinch away, some of the cuts on my wrists were still fresh and I didn't want them to know. He lifted his eyebrow and pulled me away from the group.

"Lift up your sleeves", Blake asked his voice filled with concern. I shook my head causing him to sigh.

He lifted up one of my sleeves and gasped at the ugly sight in front of him. My scars. His finger traced over them slowly until he got to the newest ones. He frowned a little before looking at me wish sadness in his eyes.

"Why?", Blake asked softly. I shrugged and walked over to the rest of the group smiling a little. I would explain to him later. 


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