Willow has experienced neglect and abuse all her life, she resorted to self-harm as a release and suicide as a way out from the horror that she lived. Willow has a complicated story where she loved her bully, Taila, she also made friends but at the last moments of her life.

Taila has a slightly different story, she was the bully to Willow but she had a secret as well. In her personal life, outside school she lived with her adopted mother and brother- who was released from prison-, he constantly rapes Taila. She finds that she needs to be better than others at school so no one will see how weak she is. The strange matter was she loved Willow, so in the end she tries to help but it is too late.

Liam is one of Willow's closest friends, at his old school he was bullied for being gay and his boyfriend killed himself, after recovering he moved school and met his new group whom befriended Willow soon after. But did Liam truly get over the pain or did he just hide it away?


14. Taila's Story Part 4

My brother was sitting down on my bed when I woke up, his hand was sliding up and down one of my legs making me flinch away. I gazed over at him not wanting to go through it again. I looked down taking a deep breath. My heart thumped hard against my chest, I bit my lips holding back the sob that was clawing at the back of my throat.

 A sick smile played on his lips as he brought his face closer to mines, his sickly sweet breathe blew against my face making me tense up even more than I was before. I didn't want to go through it again, I was already in enough pain at it was.

"I have to get to school", I barely whispered. I watched as the monster before me licked his lips and nod slowly.

"Fine, but when you are finished, come straight home. You are mines Taila, and will always be only mines", he spoke as he grabbed my arm tightly causing a sharp pain to rip through me, "do you understand", I nodded pulling away from him.

 He let out a sigh before leaving me alone to my own misery. I let out a deep breathe trying to calm myself down so I could get ready for school. 

Once I had showered and dried off I grabbed a pair of skinny jeans and a blue corset top, sighing I got dressed hating how I looked. Next I fixed my hair a little causing it to fall in waves. I slipped on a pair of heels before grabbing my bag and walking down the stairs. 

My 'mum' was sitting in the kitchen talking on the phone like usual, I sighed and grabbed a apple just as a car beeps outside,

"Bye mum", I said as I walked out of the kitchen. 

"Whatever, don't be late home your brother wants to see you", she called causing me to shudder.


I opened the car door to see Mathew and Stacey making out in the back of the car, whilst Paul sat in the drivers seat patting away on the wheel. I let out a sigh and climbed in tucking the apple into my bag not wanting them to see me eat.

Another thing about being the most popular girl in school, you have to make sure you never eat in front of others, it's disgusting to eat according to the popular girls, sadly I love cooking so that's a big secret. 

As we arrived in our usual place in the car lot I let out another sigh, I didn't want to go home today. 

No you want Willow... A voice said in the back of my head,  I pushed it away not wanting to think of her. If I brought her into my world, my life would end.


To start of with she was at the bottom of the social ladder, she was also hated by the populars and lastly I would get killed by my dear family if they found out I was a lesbian. So yeah, I need to stay on top, just a few more years then it is over. I will be free, find a nice girl, open a cafe or something and be free from this hell hole of liars, bullies and fake people. 

I bit back the tears again and walked with the sluts I call friends into the cafeteria. My eyes scanned around the different groups until my eyes set on a table at the back. Normally there was only  Willow sitting back listening to music or writing something but this time she was sitting with a group of guys.  

A pang of pain filled my heart, was one of them her boyfriend? I shook of the thought trying to convince myself I didn't care. 

But you do...

I let out another sigh and realized the rest of the group had noticed her as well, the usual sick feeling filled my gut. I hated hurting her, she was so gentle, I could see that every time we hurt her something about her broke. I would watch as she sometimes tried to fade away into the background. 

What she showed on the outside was what I felt on the inside. The girls were snickering and laughing coldly about Willow.

"I bet the black haired freak is with her", Stacey giggled causing anger to rise up.

"Nah, I bet all of them are with her", one of the other fake sluts said causing the group to agree with her. "Say something Taila", she continued as we came to a stop in front of the group of guys and Willow.  

I bit my lip as they turned and looked at me. 

"Well look at this, the loser has became a slut with these greasy apes as her toys", I said forcing a coldness in my voice. I sighed putting my hand on my hip as the girls behind me giggled.

 "Listen up you bitch! Willow has never done anything to you so back off", a smallish black haired guy snapped at me with a hateful glare in his eyes. I flinched back a little, not used to being snapped at by others here.

I let out a scoff at how funny it was, it was nice to see people standing up for Willow. Maybe he was her boyfriend. Tears stung at my eyes again and I walked away with the other girls hot on my trail. 

"Leave me alone", I snapped at the girls before turning around and walking away from them before they could answer. I hated them, they all just used me for popularity and it annoyed the hell out of me. 

They would complain how hard their life was whenever they ran out of money or something, they had it simple. 

I walked into a classroom and closed the door sighing. Too many thoughts filled my mind but they all were based on one person. Willow. Her soft lips, her beautiful eyes, her crazy red hair. How she had grace about her, how the silent angel drew me in and stole my heart like a thief in the night.

As I opened the door I saw Willow running down the corridor to the sound of the bell, before I could stop myself I grabbed her and pulled her into the classroom. There she was, before me and frightened. It was my chance, there was no one around me, no populars or fake whore. Just me and her. 

I pushed her against a wall softly and pressed my lips against hers, for a slip second she didn't respond but before I knew it she kissed me back, it felt amazing, my heart pressed against my chest bursting with the love for her. My tongue licked her bottom lip causing her to gasp a little, I slipped my tongue inside her mouth and explored a little, she responded happily causing us to tangle a little. I slipped my hand up her hoodie wanting to see her face, but before I had the chance she jumped away pushing me roughly. 

I had to tell her before it was going to be too late, I had to confess how I felt for her;

"Willow I", before I could finish she bolted out of the classroom leaving me alone. I had scared her, just another time I hurt the girl I loved.


"Willow I love you".

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