Willow has experienced neglect and abuse all her life, she resorted to self-harm as a release and suicide as a way out from the horror that she lived. Willow has a complicated story where she loved her bully, Taila, she also made friends but at the last moments of her life.

Taila has a slightly different story, she was the bully to Willow but she had a secret as well. In her personal life, outside school she lived with her adopted mother and brother- who was released from prison-, he constantly rapes Taila. She finds that she needs to be better than others at school so no one will see how weak she is. The strange matter was she loved Willow, so in the end she tries to help but it is too late.

Liam is one of Willow's closest friends, at his old school he was bullied for being gay and his boyfriend killed himself, after recovering he moved school and met his new group whom befriended Willow soon after. But did Liam truly get over the pain or did he just hide it away?


22. Liam's Story Part 4

I walked into the school with the guys beside me, we had arrived earlier than most of the other students. I kept sneaking glances over to Seth, ever once in a while I could see him looking over at me as well. I blushed and walked over to him and blushed even brighter when he put his arm around me.

Blake was still a little creepy, he would always talk about how much he hated Taila yet I had never met her. But that was a jinx on myself because sure I met her that day.

"Aw look Matty, its a bunch of fags", a harsh voice laughed causing us all to turn around. There was a blonde girl smirking at us, but I could see a thin line of sadness on her face. I frowned a little starting to feel uncomfortable when all eyes landed on us.

I looked around to find the guys glaring at her and the others behind her. Seth had tightened his grip around me as if he was trying to protect me. I didn't feel that bothered about her trying to pick on us, I was used to it at my old school. Old school ... Devin.

I could feel the lump form in my throat and the tears threaten to fall. I started to shake in anger and pushed Seth away gently before looking over to the girl. 

"Who the hell do you think you are?", I screamed at her.

"I'm Taila, duh. You are either stupid or new either way keep away from me. I don't want to catch your filthy disease", Taila spoke, her voice had a harsh threat to it causing me to flinch a little. 

Her group walked past me, one of them pushing me hard into the lockers causing me to fall down with a sharp pain.  A shadow had covered me and there stood a red haired girl with a worried look in her eyes.

Her soft hand pulled me up as she gave me a weak smile before a man barked at her; "Willow to the office". I watched the girls smile fade and she walked over to the man, I think was her father. I looked over to the guys and found Blake staring holes into her back.

"Hey are you okay babe?", Seth asked causing me to smile. He blushed when he realized what he had just called me. I looked up at him and shook of the slight pain in my shoulder.

"Who was that girl?", I asked looking over to Blake.

"I don't know, I think she's the one we had seen from the park. Did you guys see how she reacted when her dad told her to move?"

I thought on it and remembered how she had flinched a little then walked over to him clenching and unclenching her fists. Shrugging it off I watched Seth calm down and take his hand shyly and squeezed it before walking to my next class with Evan and Blake.

All through my class, Blake kept asking me if I knew anything about the girl, Willow or her father. Every time I would answer the same thing, "no".


By the end of the day I was walking home bored out of my mind when I ran into the bitch Taila by herself, she looked upset for some reason and I could see that she had been crying from the redness around her eyes.

"Are you okay?", I asked before I could stop myself. I always did that, whenever someone seemed sad I would try my best to help them.

Taila glared at me before storming off, I shrugged off the feeling knowing that she wouldn't give a shit if I was sad. She was as the guys said, a big bitch. But even so something nagged at the back of my head that there was more to her than what any of us could see. 

When I got into my house I heard my parents talking away to someone, and even though it was wrong  I couldn't help but listen in on the conversation;


I heard screaming from across the street, from the new family in fact!

Honey it was probably nothing, just that girl messing around or something. I've seen her type before, they seek attention.

But sweetie what if it was something else, I mean her father doesn't look like the greatest of men. I saw him drinking this morning at nine! So early, all I'm saying is we should at least see if everything is okay.


They were talking about that new girl Willow, I had to wonder why she was screaming. I walked into the living room and was greeted with the usual welcome homes and such. Sitting on the couch I pulled my shoes off and was ready to go up the stairs when the door bell went.  "I'll get it mum".

Opening the door a man in black stood with a brief case in his hand. He looked serious when he asked for my parents and even more tense when he was sitting in front of us in the living room.

"I am here on behalf of Devin Briar, first off I would like to say sorry for your loss", the man said causing me to go rigid. Devin.... Devin was dead, he died weeks before that day. Devin was gone...

"It would seem that before the unfortunate accident Mr Briar wrote a letter asking for certain things of his own to be handed to you Liam". I didn't want to listen...

"Firstly he wanted you to have this snow globe", Devin and myself had bought it on the day we had gotten together. No one knew but inside the snow globe was a key...

"Secondly this locket", the key inside the globe was for that locket...

"Thirdly he wished for you to have his diary. This concludes Mr Briars final wishes", the man placed the items on the table and got up followed by my parents. I took them all and went up to my room and blared my music so no one would disturb me.

I looked over the globe and found the small crack in the base and pulled it away revealing the key, I inserted the key and opened the locket letting out a cry. There was a picture of me and him and carved into the white gold was, Love me forever, L and D.

I felt my heart clench as I thought back to my memories with him, he had been my everything for a very long time. I looked over the diary and carefully opened it, scared in case it would crumble at my touch, and then I read it. Each small page, my fingers traced over all the curving neat words and my tears fell onto the ink.

Devin was dead, part of me died with him. Devin was gone, he killed himself. It was my fault. Leaning under my bed I pulled out a bottle of vodka and drank away my misery. 


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