Willow has experienced neglect and abuse all her life, she resorted to self-harm as a release and suicide as a way out from the horror that she lived. Willow has a complicated story where she loved her bully, Taila, she also made friends but at the last moments of her life.

Taila has a slightly different story, she was the bully to Willow but she had a secret as well. In her personal life, outside school she lived with her adopted mother and brother- who was released from prison-, he constantly rapes Taila. She finds that she needs to be better than others at school so no one will see how weak she is. The strange matter was she loved Willow, so in the end she tries to help but it is too late.

Liam is one of Willow's closest friends, at his old school he was bullied for being gay and his boyfriend killed himself, after recovering he moved school and met his new group whom befriended Willow soon after. But did Liam truly get over the pain or did he just hide it away?


29. Liam's Story Part 11


I had to run...

I had to find her, I had to find Willow! She was in danger! The guys footsteps fell heavily against the ground has they followed me. Soft sobbing came from the classroom up ahead. Willow...

Barging into the room the sight in front of me ripped every fiber of my soul. Willow laid naked on the floor, her body broken and bruised. Scars running everywhere across her delicate skin and blood formed between her legs as dark bruises showed up on her thighs.

"Bloody hell! Willow", Blake cried out as he ran to her side, she was fading away. My stomach churned as I pulled my eyes from the horrific scene in front of us.

"Willow! Can you here me? God please say something", Blake's voice filled the air and for the first time ever I saw tears fall from his eyes onto her skin. The broken look on his face killed me even more, save Willow.... must save her.

"It's going to be okay, Evan call an ambulance. Liam help me get her outside", he spoke softly still cradling her in his arms. I took off my hoodie and covered her frail body wrapping her arm over my shoulder as Evan called the ambulance.

The sirens blared outside as all of us surrounded Willow, protecting her from the nosy people who came outside to see what was going on. They make me sick! Blake went in the ambulance with her and the rest of us got into a Lloyds car.


I sat watching the time go by, beeping filled the room as the doctor looked over Willow. Blake was in deep thought, Seth was mumbling to himself and the others went home a few hours ago. I did nothing but stare at the empty space, the image of Willow's innocent body laying on the ground ripped and shredded was still fresh on my mind.

Sighing I stood up, "I need some fresh air, let me know if anything happens", I spoke and walked out of the room. I couldn't take it.




A whole week passed by until Willow finally woke up. During that time Taila had visited Willow, I don't know the details. Blake had been really depressed, he had rarely slept or eaten nor did he leave her side.

I was at home when I got the call from Seth telling me she had woke up, I got to the hospital as fast as I could when I saw her. A cold, bitter woman clutching onto Willow's arm. She looked a lot like Willow making her the mother.

Willow turned around and waved to us before climbing into the car and driving away with the woman.

"Aww I didn't get to see her", I sighed leaning against Seth.

"You will soon babe, that woman was her mum. There is something off about her though, like seriously wrong", Seth mumbled, I couldn't help but agree. And something was wrong with her mother, something was wrong with her entire life.... but I was too late.


We had walked about for a while until later that night we found ourselves at the old part of town where everyone hangs out. At night this place becomes alive, music blares and people know everyone.

After about two hours it came to about eleven and who came into sight? The one and only Willow, a stubborn look was written all over her face as she came closer to us.

"Willoooooow!", I screamed happily tackling my best friend to the ground. The guys were in laughter as she wriggled about helpless

"Easy dumbass, hands off",she laughed shaking about as the others came over. Seth said something then pulled me up kissing me on the cheek. Willow let out a little giggle causing me to smile. My bestie was back!

We were sitting around having a good laugh, aka sitting talking about the embarrassing life of Evan and his cat Pickles when one of the other groups gave out a shout. This wasn't good at all.... not a single bit.

Willow - who had found herself a comfortable seat on Blakes legs- clutched onto Blake for dear life as I turned around to a familiar group from school. "Willow so nice to see you, it's been a while since our fun", a boy called Mathew smirked with a disgusting glint in his eyes as the other guys behind him laughed....

It couldn't have been.... could it?

What are you lot doing here?", Evan shouted at the group standing up, his fists clenching tightly. I think he was thinking the same as me, that it was them who did it.

"It's public property, besides Taila wanted to talk to the loser for some reason", one of the idiots laughed before he walked away to a larger group of people not far from us. By now Willow was freaking out, yeah it was them.

Just then Taila walked over to us, normally she had a cold look on her face but at that moment she looked afriad. Her eyes lingered over each of us as if she was uncertain whether or not it was safe for her to talk.

"Willow can I talk to you please", Taila asked, her voice was so quiet even I could barely hear a word she was saying. My eyes landed on Willow as she looked like she was struggling to find the way to open her mouth, she was going to speak.

"Then speak, I am here aren't I?", Willow replied almost robotic.

"I guess now is better than never",Taila whispered as she went down to Willow's height and placed her hands lightly on hers. This was going to be interesting.

Their lips met and a fire seemed to set. Gasps erupted from around the people as the scene unfolded. Taila - the cold girl who hated Willow- was kissing Willow - the girl who never spoke-. You know when you are watching a movie and then something happens then you are on the edge of your seat? That is what it was like.

Willow looked like she was in a daze when it was over, everyone was waiting to see what happened next, so what did she do? She ran.


Up on our feet we raced in her direction, Taila with us. We searched everywhere but there was nothing but empty streets. The feeling came to my stomach again, one feeling I felt when it happened with Devin....

It was too late.

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