Willow has experienced neglect and abuse all her life, she resorted to self-harm as a release and suicide as a way out from the horror that she lived. Willow has a complicated story where she loved her bully, Taila, she also made friends but at the last moments of her life.

Taila has a slightly different story, she was the bully to Willow but she had a secret as well. In her personal life, outside school she lived with her adopted mother and brother- who was released from prison-, he constantly rapes Taila. She finds that she needs to be better than others at school so no one will see how weak she is. The strange matter was she loved Willow, so in the end she tries to help but it is too late.

Liam is one of Willow's closest friends, at his old school he was bullied for being gay and his boyfriend killed himself, after recovering he moved school and met his new group whom befriended Willow soon after. But did Liam truly get over the pain or did he just hide it away?


31. Epilogue

Life is a journey we face to live, always surrounded by some kind of mystery that takes the world by surprise. Behind the closed curtains lays so many secrets, it's a show that must come to an end.

In love we find friendship, a bond that can never be broken no matter how bad things go. We are surrounded by the joys and burdens of having those we love close to our hearts, we face the audience to take a bow as hand in hand we form a chain that not even a fire can melt.

In pain we find peace, even if it is the never ending burden. For some a peaceful life is to live but in some sad cases to find peace a life comes to an end. The lights turn off and we face only the darkness of an empty room.

In a world filled with so much noise, we shout at the top of our voices, we listen to the sounds around us. But in the end we are all faced by the one thing we dread the most....


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