Shane's life turns upside down when a vampire bites him. But things get even more worst when they discover that everything was part of another vampire's plan to take over the human world. Along with his new friends, Shane must stop the incoming war in order to save the human race from extinction at the same time that he learns that most of his life was a complete lie.


4. The book

     He stayed in silence for some time, then looked at me directly in the eyes. 

- My name is Derek Wane, I work for someone who happens to be your fan - he said slowly. 

I laughed. - What? You work for a girl who liked my music? - I said sarcastically. 

He smile and crossed his legs. 
- No, I work for money, he payed me to turned you into a vampire. And his your number one book fan - his voice sounded somewhat playful. 

- Someone who likes my books payed a vampire to turn me into one!? - I screamed in confusion. 

- This person is no human. I'm not sure why, but I think his planing on robbing you - his voice was now more honest. 

       For a second I got lost in his words, then I remembered the book my parents left me when they died. It was suppose to have some kind of magic, but I didn't believe it so I never opened it. It seemed odd that someone would know about it, but I was not sure about anything now. 

- Why are you helping me? - I asked confused. 

Derek sighted and looked towards the window. 

- Vampires are not just killing machines with an insatiable  bloodthrist, we also have our own families, same as the werewolves... Is hard to know that one of yours might be in danger and you stay put, not doing anything - he said melancholily. 

         I had to imagine vampires having their own pack like the werewolves and an alpha, which would be the one who made the bitting-turning thing. I let a laugh scape from my mouth, which surprise Derek a little. I had cover it with my hand and apologies with my head. He smile and got up. 

- Either way, I'm surprise you haven't bitten anybody yet - he said smiling. 

         That was true, in movies, those who were bitten usually became bloodthirsty and would kill even their best friends. I didn't felt anything at all, I even felt normal, with a few changes but normal. Before I could say anything the woman came in with some papers, gave Derek half a smile and looked at me seriously. 

- There seems to be something odd in your blood, but we can't figure what it is, I'll have to take another sample to verify it deeper - she said taking out a needle. 

           The moment the needle touched my skin, Derek jumped and attacked the woman. He took his claws out and scratched her in her chest, leaving deep wounds on it. She groaned and took out what seemed to be a knife of silver. It came down unto his left shoulder. Derek hit her in the face with his fist and took the knife out. The wound healed instantly. The woman was in the floor whispering, maybe cursing. Derek pulled her up and asked her who had send her. She laugh in an evil way that made my hair freeze. Derek said something like "Have it your way then" and bit her in the neck. She cursed and fell dead to the floor. 
- They want something that you have, a book maybe - he said while cleaning up his mouth. 

         I made a regretting face and a moan. Derek notice that I knew about the book and made a scolding face. Was he trying to act friendly? 

- You know about it, don't you? - he said looking at my hands, which had grabbed the silver plate and were holding it strongly. 

      I rolled my eyes and made a sight. 
- Maybe, how did you found out? - I asked curious. 

        He smiled and sat down again, passing the body with no care in the world. 

- That's one of the vampires abilities, I can see someone's life by drinking his blood - he crosses his legs - Do you wanna know more? - he asked with a little of excitement in his voice. 

         I nodded and made half a smile for courtesy. 

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