Shane's life turns upside down when a vampire bites him. But things get even more worst when they discover that everything was part of another vampire's plan to take over the human world. Along with his new friends, Shane must stop the incoming war in order to save the human race from extinction at the same time that he learns that most of his life was a complete lie.


6. The book (part 3)

Shane's Perspective

        When I saw the hour I had to jumped out of bed. I knew my violin class had ended but Miss Foster had asked me to play a part in a band rehearsal and I couldn't afford to fail her. Not because she was the Drama teacher, but because my  image would be damage. I was not famous but people treat me good because they respected me, I couldn't lose that. I passed the body while telling Derek I had to go. I really wanted to throw up, but there was no time, I saw my violin case and took it. Getting to the front door of the Drama theater was faster than I expected. I remember that I was a vampire and said in my mind - Oh! Vampire speed, totally forgot about it - my own sarcastic tone made me laugh a little. I took a deep breath and entered the theater.

         I could see that they had been waiting for me, I walked as slowly as I could until I was in front of Miss Foster, who I apologized for my delay and explained that I had been in the infirmary. I knew she was an actress but her look gave me a surprise. She asked if I was ok and that I didn't have to do it if I was sick, I told her I was fine and got to the stage, where I greet everybody. Miss Foster said that she was waiting for the main singer, Ellie, who hadn't come yet as well. I felt a little bit happy that I wasn't the only one late. I took a chair and started to prepared the violin. 

        After a couple of minutes a girl came in. She was my age. At first she didn't notice me, then she suddenly looked at me and never took her eyes away. They were a light blue color and quite beautiful I must say. Her hair was some kind of red-brown-blond thing all mixed together, making her look sexy and innocent. Her lips looked soft and had a pink color in it. She was wearing a tight cream-colored shirt with a dark  brown jacket. Some skinny jeans and a white and brown sneakers. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, and I was surprised that I had never seen her before. I felt her gaze trying to cut through my skin and felt myself blushing a little. I stop looking and tried to concentrate. Miss Foster took her towards me so that we could know each other. We shakes hands, which felt kind of strange and presented each other. For a moment I though she was thinking poor of me but ignored the though for completely. 
         I played and she sang for about an hour, then I took my stuff and apologized because I had to get to the apartment earlier. Even though, I was able to see her face once more and knew that she was now looking at me with respect. I was not the best player in the world but I knew my music touched others hearts. I came out running and was on my apartment in three minutes, were I started to search for the book. 

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