Shane's life turns upside down when a vampire bites him. But things get even more worst when they discover that everything was part of another vampire's plan to take over the human world. Along with his new friends, Shane must stop the incoming war in order to save the human race from extinction at the same time that he learns that most of his life was a complete lie.


5. The book (part 2)

  Derek's Perspective 

      This was not going to be easy, I felt really awkward by saying this to him, specially since I felt a little guilty for bitting him in the first place. 

- Well, first of all, we do not die by silver, crosses, holy water, wooden stakes or sunlight - I said very proud of myself. 

- Does that mean that it was all a lie!? - said Shane in a scream.  

- No, the thing is that humans are not the only ones who can evolve - I said as I watched Shane's puzzled face. - But we can die by another vampire, werewolf, unicorn, dragon or the other creatures you may have heard of - this had lost him completely. 

        But as soon as I saw his face I was surprise to see he understood it all perfectly. I must have left my serious act because he smile and I looked away trying to recover my composure.

- Don't be so surprised, I'm a writer after all - 

         I knew what he meant. When I was with the guy who payed me, he talked about some of his books. They all had something about broken hearts, tragic deaths, bloody fights and mystery. He was a pro in dealing with things like these, I imagine that for him it would feel as if he had become the main protagonist of one of his books. I took a deep breath and continued. 

- As you might have seen in movies like Underworld or... Twilight, vampires have their own rules and governments, but unlike humans, we get to have more of a free will - 

         I could see that he was not enjoying our talk, but I had to be a responsible vampire. I notice he kept looking to the floor so I fallowed his gaze. Oh! I said mentally as I looked at the body lying on the floor. Bloody elves! They think that because they discovered a new metal they could use it to end our race, ha! As if would. Don't know why, but this guy was playing dirty. The moment she tried to inject the drug I smelled it and reacted without thinking. I needed to control myself, not that I should tell her that. 

- Do you think magic is real? - came a shocking question from Shane. 

I had to clear my throat a little in order to come up with the answer. 

- Yeah, I do - I felt like an idiot answering that,  but couldn't blame him, he had just become a vampire after all. 

- I don't thrust you yet, but I feel relax around you, so I'm gonna tell you something - 

       Was he trying to make me help him? I had to nod because I didn't felt in the mood to use words. I had just told him that we had some similitudes to the werewolves, that included knowing who his boss was. Meaning, he was going to felt that he could thrust me. 

- I do know about a book, my parents left it for me when they died. I was warned that it contained some kind of magic, but I never opened it - 

       I could see he was opening to me, even if he didn't like it. I sighed and told him that he would had to show it to me later. He looked at his watch and jumped out of bed. Said he had to take a class. I watched him go and left the building through the window. Then I came back up and burned the body to aches until there was nothing else left. I needed to talk with the only other vampire that was independent and lived in this state.  

         That wouldn't be easy... My life was being ruin by a stupid job that I was starting to find personal. 

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