Shane's life turns upside down when a vampire bites him. But things get even more worst when they discover that everything was part of another vampire's plan to take over the human world. Along with his new friends, Shane must stop the incoming war in order to save the human race from extinction at the same time that he learns that most of his life was a complete lie.


2. The beginning

     I woke up with my heart racing. My body didn't felt weak anymore and my breathing was better. I heard a snoring and notice I was in the apartment. Thomas was being really lousy today and for some reason it bother me more than ever. My vision seemed more perfect than ever, I could even see the dust that lie in the table and I was not close to it. I got pump up when Thomas's snoring made me lose control. I took my pillow and threw it into his face. He jumped from bed half asleep and looked at me surprised. 

- What!? - he asked confused. 

- You were snoring, it was bothering me - I said proud of myself. 
- I don't snore! - he demanded. 

         I rolled my eyes and made a "ugh" noise in defeat. There was no way Thomas was going to admit it. When we were ready we left the room and walked through the crowd of people that were getting ready to go to class too. Inside the building I went to my locker, which I always found odd since it was an University-Institute, not a high school. I heard Michael's laugh from behind and try to ignore it. When someone grabbed me and put his arm around my neck I try to free myself but wasn't able to. 

- Shane! What's up man? - said Michael almost choking me. 

        He grew up with me and was my neighbor for three years, until I moved out. We used to hang out together, but he was a basketball star and I was a musician, it didn't last long. He became popular and started acting like a jerk. Even like that, he would always say hi to me and bother me in a playful way, he didn't bullied me as he did with everybody else.  Which I was grateful for.  

- I'm fine Mike - I said as I tried to free myself once again. 

         The others laugh a little and kept talking about yesterday's game. I manage to see Thomas face paralyzed with terror. He was scared of Michael, as most of the others were. I heard high heels getting closer and looked up to find Lydia Hill looking at me with a smile. 

- Aren't you guys suppose to be in the University now? Why are you acting like kids, huh? - she said putting an innocent face. 

         Lydia was my girlfriend until we started University, I was getting annoyed by her way of acting so I broke up with her. Not a day passes when she doesn't try to win me over again. Every girl that gets closer to me finishes up in some kind of trouble and receives a threat from Lydia. The three of us used to be best friends, but that's over now and I have move on, not that I know if they have, but I try not to think about that. 

- Shane, what's that on your neck!? - she asked worried and surprised. 

- What do you mean? - I asked. 

- Yeah dude! What happen, it looks like a bite - said Mike. 

          I free my hand and touch my neck, where I found two tiny holes in it. I look at Thomas, who looks at me confuse. The others seem to be a little worried, which surprises me a little. Pain erupts inside my head and I remember what had happen. 

- Are you some kind of vampire fan too? - asked someone from Mikes group. 


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