Trapped In Yesterday (BxB)

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Alexander was trapped in yesterday, so trapped that he'd do anything just to get out of it. He was so sick of doing the same thing everyday, he decided to change up his life. Starting with trying new things such as boys. One boy in particular could change more than his days, he could change his life. Will Alex be up for the challenge or will he remain trapped in yesterday.


1. prologue




I sat there with my back against the wall hoping he'd let me go soon.


"Admit it nerd" he spoke stepping closer to me.


I was already intimidated, but him stepping closer made it worse.


"N-No, b-because its a-a l-lie"


I whisper uncertain of my words only to earn a loud obnoxious chuckle.


"Admit  that you like me,  admit that, that poem was about me" 


He persisted, but I couldn't let him win, true or not he's just a jerk looking for a laugh.


"It wasn't, i-i don't swing that way"


Gaah peck everyone knows your bisexual, grr I can fix this I can.


"Swing what way? Towards guys?"


He asked a cocky grin playing at his moist pink lips that he'd frequently lick just to make me squirm.


"No, towards narcissistic, egotistical, jerks such as yourself"


I spoke this time, a little more sure about my comeback.


"Its funny how you judge me without knowing me, I didn't think you of all people were like that"


He left after that.


But those last words still replayed threw my mind, what does that creep know about me? He just got here, he just met me. . . . . . didn't he?

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