Trapped In Yesterday (BxB)

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Alexander was trapped in yesterday, so trapped that he'd do anything just to get out of it. He was so sick of doing the same thing everyday, he decided to change up his life. Starting with trying new things such as boys. One boy in particular could change more than his days, he could change his life. Will Alex be up for the challenge or will he remain trapped in yesterday.


2. Chapter one


I walked the halls of the old school Jefferson high "the place were greatness is born", I'd hear that same phrase over the intercom everyday. 


Everyday was the same, same kids, same teachers, same bullies, same grades. Everyday it felt as if I were just running threw the motions y'know.


Everyday same thing, same schedule, the names the kids would call me didn't even hurt anymore. The lunchroom muck, that they call flood didn't even bother me. 


Its as if I had become numb to life, in truth I Alexander Finnegan Peck, was used to life.


I didn't mind that Rodney shot me icy glares in English, nor did I mind when Jacob B. Called me a faggot in algebra, or when Stacey Conners said I was "ga-ross!" In chemistry, why should I?


It happens everyday all the same, sitting at my table all the way in the back of the social studies class I huffed an annoyed sigh.


"What's wrong peck?" 


Asked my best buddy Andrew, me and him had met years before highschool in 2nd grade.


At first I hated his guts, but after he "saved my life" when I got so scared I couldn't get off the monkey bars, I figured he was cool.


"Nothing man, just bored with life"


I spoke casually, only to earn a chuckle from in front of me.


"Then kill yourself already, oh and mention me in your letter about why you died"


I gave out a dry humorless chuckle while turning to face my bully, today I was gonna stand up to him, I need a change, its either that or I just need some trouble to spice things up a bit.


"Sure Rodney I'll make sure to mention how you always gave the best blowjobs" 


I gave a fake friendly smile, just to make him angrier, I could see the hatred in his eyes, Ooh I was gonna get it.


I smugly turned back to Andrew only to earn a dissapointed head shake.


"I'm not saying he's right, but shut all that emo-boy  crap up, your getting real suspicious"


Andrew spoke only to earn an annoyed glare from me, what's wrong with being emo?


Whatever I thought turning back to my bully smiling at the thought of after school, I know I was gonna get my ass kicked and all.


But I liked the idea of having something new to look forward to after school.




I lay lifelessly on the hard concrete a the blood flooded my mouth,bad I tried to inhale causing me to let out hard dry coughs.


Rodney, Terrance, Johnathan, and the other clones had beat me pretty badly. They had jabbed there feet so far in my mouth I could still taste the bottom of their shoes.




I thought ass I remembered, I still had to get up and go home to babysit.


Maybey this wasn't the best way to fill my need for variety. I rolled over onto my back trying to ease the pressure on my wounded thigh, only to let out a loud painful howl.


It felt as if someone had dragged a knife down my back, I was weak, hurt, alone, but still odly bored.


"Fuck. My. Life"


I yell up at the clear blue sky, but my anger was soon turned into jealousy as I watch the soft fluffy clouds softly hover above me as the wind ushered them away.


Clouds went all sorts of places and saw all sorts of things, they saw so many places, the excitement never ceased.


But me, I stayed in the same place, I went to the same house, I saw the same people, and I did the same things.


It was like I was trapped in yesterday and I couldn't get out.




*Being trapped in yesterday, is to do the same thing everyday, as if yesterday is today, and today is yesterday, thus the term "trapped in yesterday*



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