And Her Name Was Rose

Rose is an orphan that has had a disturbung past.She's never been adopted and her only friend at the orphanage gets adopted and moves to Noorway. When a nice lady comes one day and decides to adopt her she has no idea that Niall Horen from One Direction is her new brother. Besides that, something that she has been trying to hide unfortunatley finds her. Can she hide her past, or will it come back to haunt her?


1. Silence

Roses POV

I don't talk. I can but I don't. Not since the incident. My name is Rose. I live in an orphanage in Mullinger, Ireland, but I'm originally from London.Nobody knows exactly where I'm from or what happened to my parents...except for me.



"Rose," said Mrs. Hedger,"Do you know what comets are made of?"

I looked up at her, my eyes wide. Did she really expect me to answer? Everyone was staring at me.

I shook my head.

"Rose, we just went over this. What are comets made of?" I just stared at her."Okay. Does anyone else know the answer?"

A few kids raised their hands. I saw a boy and a girl whispering and looking at me.

"She's completely demented," I heard the boy say,"All she does is stare at people and drool." The girl laughed.

I rolled my eyes. The period finally ended and I started to gather my books.

"Rose," Mrs. Hedger,"Can you come here please?"

I walked over to her desk.

"Eleven year olds should be able to talk by now." she stated. I kept staring. "Fine. Since you seem to not be able to speak, I'll be arranging for you to have sessions every day with the school's speech therapist. Also, with the school psycologist, Miss Crown. You are dismissed."

I sighed and went to my locker. I put my books in and grabbed my grey sweatshirt and bag. Two girls walked over to me and smirked. I looked down at my feet and then back at them. I looked in my bag. There was a black liquid in the bottom."Eleven bottles of mascara." said one of the girls,"Totes worth it." They both laughed. I looked back at the girls and walked out.

I felt like I was going to cry so I started running back to the orphanage.




About halfway to "home" I heard a voice.

"Rose" the voice said.

Holy crap. I knew the voice. I started running. I couldn't let it follow me. I kept running but it caught up to me and grabbed my arm and spun me around. I looked right into their eyes.

"Hello." they said with a smirk on their face.

I started to scream when I heard another voice. One I didn't know.

"What's going on? Hello?" said a someone. They didn't have an Irish accent. They must have been from England like me.

I felt the grip on my arm loosen. I took advantage of it and ran away without looking back to see who it was.



I finally made it to the orphanage and ran inside.

"Rose! You're late," said Mr. Weds, my piano teacher,"Rose, are you ok? You look as if you've seen a ghost."

A ghost? No. I saw something much worse.

"Go to your dormitory. Their is a visitor."



I went to my dorm with the other girls and Miss Little was running around making sure all the girls looked their best. They were all in pretty little dresses and skirts. I don't understand why we have to dress up when someone comes to adopt. They usually leave with one of the younger kids anyways.

"Rose! Your late. Oh, never mind. Get in your best outfit and line up with the others. Be quick about it." Miss Little practiclly yelled above the noise.

I grabbed a pair of jeans a t-shirt, put my sweatshirt back on and rushed out.

Miss Little walked over to me and scolded,"Rose, I told you to wear something nice."

I shrugged.

"Ok, but take your ponytail out. I'll try to brush through it."

She pulled out a comb and unknotted my mess of slightly curly, red hair.

"Rose, I know you don't want to be here," she said to me,"But you need to have hope. A beautiful girl like you is sure to get adopted eventually."


I put on a fake smiled and followed all the girls out.

Waiting for us, was a lady with blond hair. She was probably in her mid-to-late forties and was very pretty.

The boys came out about a minute after us. They were all in button downs and ties. Compared to the rest of the kids, I looked like something you'd find stuck to the bottom of your shoe. Too late to change now.

"Children," said Miss Little,"This is Maura Horan."

Horan, where have I heard that from.

"Hello," said Maura,"It is truly an honor to be here in front of so many wonderful children."

Heard that before. Mr. Weds started to usher children into the meeting room. That's where kids go to talk to the man or women looking to adopt.

After about half of the 20 kids had already spoke with Maura when Mr. Weds told me it was my turn. Let's get this over with.

I walked in looking at my old sneakers. Miss Little cleared her throat and gave me the signal to look up. I saw Maura staring at me with a smile. I gave her the slightest trace of a smile back.

"So, dear. What's your name?" she asked.

I didn't answer.

"Rose," said Miss Little.

"What a lovely name." she said, "Rose, tell me about yourself."

I opened my mouth, but closed quickly.

"Rose?" she said.

I looked up at her.

"Umm.." said Miss Little,"She doesn't talk very much. But, I'm sure all she needs is a nice envirement to be able to warm up to and she'll be an amazing addition to your life. She just needs a second chance."

"I see," said Maura,"It was very nice to meet you, Rose."

I walked out the same way I came in. Looking at the floor.



The rest of the children finished up with their "interveiws". Finally, Miss Little came out and whispered something into Mr. Weds' ear. He looked very surprised, but nodded and walked into a different room.

I could see that everyone was very nervous. They all wanted to be adopted.. except for me. It's not that I don't want to, it's just, I can't. Not again, not after what happened the last time.

"It's going to be me. I mean, really do I have much competion? There's Stinky Ed and Mute Mouth over there," I heard a boy named Jason say,"She probably walked in there and was all like 'Uhh, I don't talk cuz' I'm like demented and stuff."

Everyone laughed.

I rolled my eyes and looked away.

"Rose?" said Miss Little quietly,"Can you come here please?"

I walked over. Miss Little and Maura were smiling ear to ear.

"Congradulations," said Miss Little.

Hold on just one second.

"Rose?" said Maura,"Will you be my daughter?"






xxxxxxxxAuthor's Notexxxxxxx

Heyyyy! Thx soo much for reading. Sorry if it was bad. This is my first fanfic. Pleassssse no hate. Thanks again!

P.S. It gets a lot better. <3<3<3:):):):):) :D;D








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