And Her Name Was Rose

Rose is an orphan that has had a disturbung past.She's never been adopted and her only friend at the orphanage gets adopted and moves to Noorway. When a nice lady comes one day and decides to adopt her she has no idea that Niall Horen from One Direction is her new brother. Besides that, something that she has been trying to hide unfortunatley finds her. Can she hide her past, or will it come back to haunt her?


4. Authors Note/// MUST READ!!!!

Ok, I'm guessing you hate me for not updating in like a year, but I feel like no one reads this and I also found a WAY better sharing books app/website. It's called Wattpad and I write stories and update every week on there. ( my user for that is littlemissbookworm_ ) I'm thinking about deleting this story so if you think I shouldn't, comment like, favorite, etc.

thx lovelies and check out Wattpad for me!

love you all,

sarah :P

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