Amy Always Been The Bullied One
She Never Had Friend
She Only One Best friend In kindergarten
His Name Is Niall
But The Problem Was He Moved Away


3. Paris

Niall P.O.V 

We Finally Landed In Paris. When We Got Out The Plane There Was A whole Crowd. I Was Tired.. I Ignored The Fans As i Pass By. The Flashes Kept getting Annoying..... The Buss Pulled Up In Front Of The Airport. "Where Zayn?" Harry Called "  Right Over Here!" He Yelled Liam said "Where Your Shoe?" We All Laughed... As We Were Driving All I Kept Thinking About Is Amy. She Could Be Any where In Paris I Wanted To See Ur Beautiful Face. Then I Was Asleep

"Niall Niall Niall" A Voice Said " What" "Babe Its Amy" That Caught My Attention "Amy" I yelled "Niall" We hugged. "Niall.... Babe U Need To Wake Up" "Huh" Did She Just Said Wake Up "I Am Awake Amy What Are U Talking About?" "No Ur Not Ur Asleep And The Lads Are trying to Wake U Up"  I Turned Around For A Quick Glance Then When I Faced Amy She Was Fading "Amy Remember I Always Love U ".

End Of Dream*******

"NIALL!" The Lads Screamed In My Ear. "What?" "We Need To Get Up To Go To Our Room" Louis Said "Fine.." I Sighed And Grabbed My Bags. When We Checked In We Went Up To Our Suit. "Okay Lads Am Going Back To Sleep" I Said "Okay The rest Of The Lads Are Going Out And There Still Left Over Nandos If U Want them" "Okay" When They Left I was Passed out  _________________________________________________________________________

I Know It A Short Chapter But Yeah And Can U Guy Like Please ? 

Well Just Sat Swaggy   

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