Amy Always Been The Bullied One
She Never Had Friend
She Only One Best friend In kindergarten
His Name Is Niall
But The Problem Was He Moved Away


2. One Direction Everywhere

Every Since They Said One Direction Was Coming To Paris Everybody Keeps talking About them. "Amy... Am Home!" My Mom Called "Okay Good" You Can Hear Diego Footsteps When He Comes Downstairs. "Mum.." "Yes Amy?" She Sounded Like She Was Crying "Mum Where you Crying" I Said "No Amy Why Would U Think That?" "Because Ur Eyes Are Red" She Starts Breaking Down She Told Me That The Doctor Said She Has Cancer. What!? Please Let This Be a Joke! My Own Mum Has Cancer! "Mum Everything going to To Be Okay" I Said With A Few Tears Slipping. "Diego Please Come Down Here" I Called. Diego Came Down Stairs "Yeah" "Diego Mum Has Cancer" Diego Was Trying So Hard Not to Cry You Can Even See It In His Eyes. I Gave Him A Hug. My Mum Was Worried I Was Worried And Diego Was Worried. But Lets Says She Passes Away Then Who Watch us Am Barely In 8th Grade And Diego Was In 2nd Grade. 

Nialls P.O.V***********

I Havent Seen My Best Friend Ever Since I tried Out For the X-Factor I Nerved Told her that I Was In The Biggest Boy Band One Direction But I Want That To Be A Surprise. I Had This Crush On Her. "Harry" "Yes Niall" He Said "Lets Say She Doesnt Have A Crush On Me Back?"I Said Worried.Harry Paused The Game "Niall am Sure She Likes U Back" "Oh, Okay" I Was Hungry So I Got up And Went Into The Fridge. Thank Gawd The Lads haven't Ate My Left Over Nanods. 

Amy P.O.V**********

I Was Still Thinking About My Mum Having Cancer And Where Did My Best Friend go. I Always Had A Crush On Him But I Feel He Doesn't Like Me Back. Everything Is Just Falling Apart.. Sometimes I Want My Life Over I Dont Want to Live Anymore... But Its Not Worth It I Gotta Help My Mum With Defeating Cancer...


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Oh Yeah Am Having A Contest 

Liam Gf:

Louis Gf:

Zayn Gf:

Harry Gf:

I'll Pick ;)

Stay Swaggy ;*

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