Amy Always Been The Bullied One
She Never Had Friend
She Only One Best friend In kindergarten
His Name Is Niall
But The Problem Was He Moved Away


6. Oh Sorry

Niall P.O.V*****

I Broke The Kiss. "Oh Am Sorry" I Said Awkwardly. She Giggled And I Blushed. Oh Gawd I Missed Her Giggles. "Amy Did Ur Dad Rape You ?" She Nods And Tears Starts Coming Out. I Hugged Her Quickly And Said "Am So Sorry" She Starts Crying On My Shoulder. I Should Of Been There For U Amy, I Should of Told U I Was In The Biggest Boy band. "Its My Fault" I Said Quietly. "Niall Its Not Ur Fault" She Said Back Looking In My Eyes "Yes It Is Amy I Should Of Told U That I Was In One Direction, I Should Of Been There For U. I Sorry Amy." I Said Quietly. "Niall Its Not Ur Fault, Okay Ur In One Direction The Biggest Boy band And You Were  Going To Tell Me That Later, But Its Not Ur Fault. Just Stop Saying Sorry Because It Not Ur Fault" She Said. We Stood Quiet For A While. Then I Kissed Her Again But More Passionate. We Stood There Kissing For A While. "Whoa Niall !" The Lads Say. We Kissed Like There Nobody Was Around Us. Like Nobody Was Watching. She Broke The Kiss. She Bit Her Lip And Giggled I Smiled.

Harry P.O.V*****************

She Was So Beautiful But She Belong To Niall  And I Couldn't Change That So Am Juss Going to find A Other A Girl. Maybe She Has Friend That Cute And Single Maybe I Juss Go Find On During A Concert.

Amy P.O.V**********

"Amy ?' Niall Said "Yes ?" I Answered Back. "We Have A Show tonight And I Was Wondering If U Wanted To Come And See Us Perform ?". Zayn,Niall Liam,Louis,And Harry Made A Puppy Face "Sure" I Said They All Cheered I Giggled. "How About this Then I Go take U Shopping So U Can Ur Self A Pretty Outfit And U Can Take A Shower In Our Room ?" Niall Said "Niall U Dont Have To Do That." I Said "But I Want to" He Said "Fine Lets Then" I Said Quietly. We Left The Hotel To Go Shopping And Bought Me Some Outfits. Then We Drove To My Flat To Get Some Shoes. "Amy" My Dad Said. Shit! "Yes ?" I Said "Did U Like The Sex We Did ?" "No What The Fuck Would I Like It U Ass!" I Yelled At Him. He Came Closer And Slap Me. "Don't U Ever Yell At Me!" 

Niall P.O.V************

I Wonder Taking Amy So Long. I Got Out The Car And Came Up The Porch And Heard yelling And Something About Sex I Opened The Door Then That When I Saw Her Dad Slapped Her. She Was There Crying. I Ran Up To Her And Grabbed Her "U Slut!" He Yelled I Put Amy In The Car "Amy i Be Right Back!" I Ran Inside The House And Grabbed Some Pjs For Her And Her Tooth Brush And Some Clothes "What Do U Think Ur Doing ?" I Heard A Deep Voice "Am Getting My bestfriend Stuff Cause She Sleeping With Me Tonight!" I Spat Back. I Pushed Him To The Side And Grabbed Deigo And His Stuff Then Deigo And I Went In The Car. We Dove To The Hotel. "Hi I Like To Rent A Room For 2 Months" "Okay Sir Here Ur Key And Ur Room Would Be 201 On The Third Floor" She Gave Me The Key "Thank U" She Was Scared Deigo Didnt Was Going On. "Amy Ur Room Is Just Across From Our Room And Just Get Ready For The Concert And Deigo do U Wanna Come ?" I Said "Sure" He said "Okay Get Ready Then" Okay

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