Amy Always Been The Bullied One
She Never Had Friend
She Only One Best friend In kindergarten
His Name Is Niall
But The Problem Was He Moved Away


4. No !

Zayn P.O.V************

I Was Worried About Niall, He Seemed Like He Was Thinking About Someone.... But He Probably Tired From That Journey.

Amy P.O.V********

I Was Lost In The Thoughts. I Was Confused ! Why Is Everything Happening Now ? I Kept Questioning Myself . "Amy !" My Mom Called For Down Stairs. As I Went Down Stairs, There Was A Man. A Man That Look Similar. "Amy" The Man turned around. I Should Of  Know It Was My Dad ! He Kept Checking Me Out And Kept Looking At My Spot. I Didnt Want to Be Mean So I Said Hi And Went Up Stairs. Before I Reached The Stairs My Mom Called Me Again "Amy Take Ur Dad Up stairs To Show Him Your Room oh And Ur Dad Be Watching U For A While" I Nodded And Went Up Stairs. My Dad Followed Me And Went Up stairs. " Bye Amy" "Bye Mom" As Soon My Mom Walked Out the Door, My Dad Shut the Door Shut And Locked It Up. My Dad Starts Yelling At Me And Telling Me To Take Off My Pants. Tears Started Running Down My Face. I Listened To Him And Toke Off My Pants  And Toke Off My Panties "Bend Over ! " "B-But Am On My Period !" I Said "Doesnt Matter !" Next Thing I Know I Was Getting Raped

Niall P.O.V*******

I Woke Up From A Strong Nap And The Lads Are Not Even Back. I Looked Outside The Windows And There Was Alot Of Fans. I Scanned The Coward To See If Amy Was There But No Amy. I Sighed. I Was Desperate To Find Amy !   


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