Amy Always Been The Bullied One
She Never Had Friend
She Only One Best friend In kindergarten
His Name Is Niall
But The Problem Was He Moved Away


1. First Day Of Summer

"Amy!" I Turned Around To See Who Was Calling My Name But No One Was Around But Only A Boy In The Black Hoodie. "Yeahh..." He Came Closer. I Sear He Looked My Best Friend Niall... "U Dont Remember Me Huh?" His Hot Breath Hit My Neck That Let Shivers Down My Spain. "No Sir" I Gulped. "Good Girl" I Dont Know Why But This Is Kinda Turing Me on... Wait No Amy Ur Not that Kind Of Person."Amy,Amy,Amy!" he Called "Wake up" Then He Turned Around And Walked Away.

End Of Dream*****

"Amy Wake Up You Need To Watch Ur Little Brother Today!" I Groaned "Diego Ur Sister Watching U Today" As I Got Up From My Bed And Went Down Stairs To Eat cereal. "Amy" "What?" I Said With My Mouthful. "Later On Can We Go the Park" "Yeah Sure" "yay" He Said Skipping up The Stairs. Before I Went Up Stairs I Heard The News. I Stopped And Looked At The News "Hello Am Cassandra And I Be Your New Reporter Today... Today We Have The Biggest Boy Band Coming To Paris" That When I Walked Away. Sometime I Wonder Why Girl Go Crazy For them There Cute And Everything But I Just Dont Get It. I Got Ready So I Can Take My Annoying Brother To The Park."Diego Are You Ready?" I Yelled From My Room "Yeah" 

At the Park*************

"Okaay Diego Go Play" He Ran To The Playground "Hey Amy How Come your Not In the Trash?" Oh Great This Can get Any Better. It The Head Cheerleader Selena And Taylor. "Really Know You Fucking Whores Belong One The Curb You Dumb Fuck" I Spat Back At Them.They Walked Away. Thank you.. "Diego Lets Go Home..." Okay

Sorry For The Short Chapter  

But Stay Swaggy ;)

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