Amy Always Been The Bullied One
She Never Had Friend
She Only One Best friend In kindergarten
His Name Is Niall
But The Problem Was He Moved Away


5. Amy ?

Amy P.O.V*****

After My Dad Raped Me I Ran To Put on A Black Hoodie Skinny Jeans And White Vans. I Ran Without  Looking Back Kept Running Until I Saw This Huge Crowd. I Saw Sign Sawing "I Love U One Direction !" Or "Directioner 4 Life" Until One Caught My Eye "I Love You Niall" That My Bestfriend Name ! Could It Be Or A Different Niall

Niall P.O.V**********

 I Wanted To Scan The Crowd Again But I was Afraid That I Wont See. Oh Well, It Worth A Try I Scanned The Crowd Once More Until i Saw This Girl That Look Like Amy. I Called Paul So He Can Get The Girl. While I Saw Security Go And Get Her I Went Down Stairs. I Was Sure That Was Amy Same Gorgeous Eyes, Face, Body. The Girl Walked In And I Just Barely Got Out the Elevator. When She Heard The Elevator She Turned Around. "Amy ?" She Had Mascara Running Down Her Cheeks. She Smiled And Ran Toward Me And Hugged Me. She Started Crying On My Shoulder. I Had tear Running Down To. "Niall ? Is This Really You ?" She said "Yes Amy Its Niall Ur Best Friend" She Hugged Tighter And Passionate. Right Now I Just Wanted To Kiss Her Soft Lips. Until The Lads Walked Through The Doors." Woah Niall Who is This Gorgeous Girl?" Harry Said "Her Name Is Amy" "Nice To Meet U Amy Am Harry This Is Zayn And Liam And Louis." 

Amy P.O.V***********

I Found My Best friend. My Partner and Crime. My Life. "Niall Can I Talk To you Alone Please ?" I Said Quietly "Sure" He Said As We Were Walking I Told Me That I Needed To Tell Him Something "Niall My Mom Has Cancer.." "Really ? Wow Am Sorry About that" I Said "But that Not All, My Mom Called Me Down Stairs To See My  Dad And She Told Me To Show Him Around and That He Was Going To Watch Me While My Mom Leaves For A While So I Said Bye And As Soon As She Leave My Dad Shut the Door And Lock It And Tell Me To Get Undress I Was Scared So i Did And I Got -" I Couldnt Continue I Started Crying "Amy Look At me" I Look At His Gorgeous Eyes. "Ur Tough And I Know That" We Stared In Each other Eyes For A While. Then We Lean In And There Was The Kiss I Was Looking For    

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