Removing The Mask [Finished]

McKenzie is the girl you find at the back of the classroom scowling and always disrupting the class. She's also the very same girl you see on TV, only you don't know it.

McKenzie Prince was your average fifteen year old girl, up until the point where she done what some people dream to do. She wrote book, and somehow got it published; under a different,so one knows, it's kept a secret so that she may have a double life.
Though it doesn't come without consequences, like the loss of her friends and the change in her family.
Just when McKenzie thinks her life can't get any more complicated or harder. It does. In the form of a new home, a cousin, her meddling mum and a group of friends she doesn't know if she should trust.

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2. Chapter Two

Chapter Two


Rubbing my forehead, I close my eyes while taking a deep breath. I tell myself what I tell myself every time she does this: Once more, then never again.

Why does she do this? I’ve told her more times than I can recount, but she doesn’t listen almost like she doesn’t want to. Why though? Why does she force me into these stupid, pointless interviews when she knows I’m going to kick up a fuss? What does she get out of it?  

Ever since M Z Pristine became my Pen Name, she has become the thorn in my side; with everything Mum does where M Z Pristine is involved the thorn goes deeper and become even more painful.

I don’t want to be getting dressed in clothes I don’t like and shoes that make my legs and feet scream; I want to be provoking the beast of the dungeon I call my school, if I happen to get in a fight in the process, so be it. I’m already familiar with the deputy head and now the headmaster: Mr Jones because of my sometimes blunt refusal to do work.

Can’t I graffiti a table instead of my face? Who knows how many tables I’ve defaced over the last couple of months, a biro and a pair of compasses can keep you amused during boring lesson any day.

I hate that my jeans are super skinny and that they make me worry about things as simple as bending down; the thought of flashing my knickersmakes me laugh now, but I don’t think I would if it actually happened.

I don’t think I will ever get used to the feeling I get when I’m getting ready to be her; I don’t get butterflies, I get a stampede of elephants charging round my stomach like it’s a racing track. 

I’m careful as I scratch an itch on my scalp, trying to not dislodge or disturb the blond wig of straight hair resting like a crown; one that mocks me every time I look in the mirror.

 The idea of being able to burn the mask that keeps M Z Pristine and I separate is enough for me to put it on; the double sided tape inside is just as irritating as it always is.

I can do this; I just have to slave through a few hours before I can come home and do whatever I want. I could even go for a run; I haven’t done that in a while. It’s cold and I’m tired but maybe it’ll do me some good. Or I could do the exact opposite and slug out on the sofa.

My mind goes onto auto pilot as I change my earrings for something with a little more class; Mum wouldn’t approve of the little round devil studs.

The necklace I’ve loved for so long clinks into the dish on my dresser; just to be safe, someone might recognise it.

Slipping my feet into the awful shoes, I teeter my way down the stairs. Mum passes me without a glance as she talks into her phone and rushes into her room to get changed. 

I know Dad’s about somewhere, so I start my search in the kitchen. He works as one of the English teachers in my school and called in this morning claiming we all had food poisoning so we couldn’t make it in. Come Monday, we’ll walk in fighting fit and they won’t blink an eye. 

He sits at the kitchen table with his student’s homework spread out in front of him, obviously marking it. 

“Hey, Daddy.”

He looks up at me before looking down at the work in front of him with a chuckle. “Your button’s undone darling.”

Fumbling to do it up, I feel the slight heat in my cheeks. “Oops, sorry; they’re just way too tight.”

“Then why are you wearing them?”

“Hell if I know. This is the last time though; I’m never doing this again.”

“She’s not going to like that.” He leans back in his chair, understanding my meaning.

“I’ve had enough, you of all people should understand that,” I let myself drop into the chair across from him.

“I do understand, but she’s isn’t going to be happy and we both know that like we know our names.” He clicks his pen before jotting something down on the page in front of him before reaching for another.

“There’s a reason why she acts the way she does, you need to keep that in mind.” He looks me dead in the eyes as he says it, drilling it into my head for what has to be the fiftieth time.

“I’d be more reasonable if you actually told me why she acts like a-” I break off when I hear her heels coming down the stairs. Her footsteps lead off into the study allowing me to carry on. “Can you please just tell me?” I plead with my eyes and watch him sigh before nodding.

“Sunday, while she’s out with Trisha.” I nod in agreement, no chance of her coming back unexpectedly. While she’s out the house and with her sister, Dad and I can have a proper talk.

“What’s happening on Sunday?” Mum walks through the doorway fiddling with her earring.

“W-” I don’t know what Dad’s about to say but when lying, it’s best to keep it simple; I of all people should know.

Crossing my fingers under the table, I smile at Mum. “Sorry, it’s a surprise.” I mock glare at Dad and he puts a sly smile on his face. It may be on his face but it’s not in his eyes.

Grabbing a drink, I slip it inside Mum’s bag; I don’t carry one much to her disappointment.

 “Try not to shake your bag too much or we’ll both be in for a laugh.” I go to grin at Mum but catch myself when I realise she can’t see it. She shakes her head.  

“Hilarious, Kenzie.” She says deadpan as she slips a bottle of water into her bag next to my Red Bull.

“I know, I’m just a bucket of laughs aren’t I?” I grin though I know they can’t see it; the mask pulls painfully at my skin but if I keep doing it, it’ll hurt less when I smile later.

“When you walk in with your button undone? Yeah love, you’re hilarious.”  

I grimace and glare at Dad when Mum’s not looking.

“You what?” Mum turns to me, “you forgot to do your button up?”

Rolling my eyes, I cover my mask covered face with my hand. Of course she would take this seriously.

“It’s not like I was on camera! So what if I forget to do my button up in my own flipping house! Who gives a-” my mind catches up to my mouth, “-monkey’s Uncle?”

“Why didn’t you do the button up when you put them on? Have you forgotten how to dress? Do I need to teach you again?”

Gritting my teeth at her condescending tone, I look from her to Dad and back.

“Do you have a memory problem you’re not telling us? Because this is the third pair of jeans you’ve bought that are so small I can barely get into them. If you’re going to buy me clothes, get them in my size and get ones that I’ll actually like for once, not these pink frilly things that you know I don’t like.” I storm past her and up to my room to finish getting ready, knowing we’ve got little time before we have to leave.

I know I sound ungrateful, but a girl can only be ignored for so long before getting the hump; if I insult the clothes she buys me, I get a rise out of her. It’s better than nothing.  

I’m a lie because I’m being someone I’m not. Mum’s a lie because she keeping something from me. We’re both as bad as each other.


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