when five year old evenie is dropped off in the middle of a huge city and left by her parents, she is found by the famous justin bieber, but before he is famous of course, but she stays very sick, will she survive will he parents and brother come back for her


4. Shot

As I stare into Dante's eyes I see a caringness, I look away from his eyes and stare at his hands, he puts a hand on my shoulder, I look at the floor

"I'm crying b because I thought I had just pushed away the only two  people who wanted to be my friend, and I thought that you wouldn't even like me anymore  once you heard them call me things" another tear slides down my cheek, Dante wipes it away and puts an arm around my shoulder, he pulls me close to his warm body, then the bell rings, he helps me up, we walk out and into the building, tons of girls give me a death look, maybe because Dante is hot, cute, maybe even sexy to some of them, then Tyler comes up to us as we enter science class

"Dante sit next to me" Tyler says

"how many can we fit at a table?" He asks looking at me

"three" I answer, he nods and pulls me to the table in the back, he makes me sit in the middle so he is on my right and Tyler is on my left, when the teacher starts class I see Scott staring at me weirdly, like he is disappointed in me for sitting with them, well it's not my fault, Dante made me sit here 

after science Dante and Tyler are talking and Scott pulls me to the very back of the line by my backpack. He pushes my neck against the wall, I try to pull his hand away but he is too strong

"why are you hanging out with them?" He demands, I yank him away from me

"hey, they hung out with me first, I didn't ask them to, they came to me, ok" I say loudly, Dante is next to me in seconds, Tyler following

"is there a problem here" Dante says standing close to me

"yes, I'm curious why when the two of you, my own cousins, would rather hang out with her than with me" Scott says, my mouth practically drops, they are cousins

"because you talk bad about her when she is a good person" Tyler says hugging me, Dante hugs me too, Scott pulls out a gun and aims it at my head, but Dante blocks it as soon as Scott fires, I scream and Scott throws the gun through the wall, Dante falls to the ground,I kneel down next to him while Tyler fights off Scott

"what's going on here" the principle says

"Scott shot him" I shout immediately, tears running down my cheeks, Scott gives me a death stare, I look back at dante, there is blood pouring from his shoulder, I take my over shirt off and tie it tight around his shoulder, I hear someone shout that they called the cops, I cry onto Dante, Tyler grabs me and pulls me back so the nurse can attend to him while we wait on the ambulance, Tyler has to hole me the entire time so I don't hit anybody trying to get to dante



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