when five year old evenie is dropped off in the middle of a huge city and left by her parents, she is found by the famous justin bieber, but before he is famous of course, but she stays very sick, will she survive will he parents and brother come back for her


1. dumped

"evenie come on" m dad pulls me out to the car, i have on my jeans and t shirt from school today, he throws me in the car and calls for my mother and brother

"what are we doing dad" my older brother sam says hopping in the car next to me, he is eleven, and a lot bigger than me, but that doesnt matter

"i need to do something ok, just shut up and deal with it" my dad yells, i start to cry, he has never yelled at us before

"its ok evenie" my brother says holding me in his arms while dad navigates through the city, after about twenty minutes he stop next to a park i have never seen before, its raining and he gets out of the car, locking every bodys door but mine, he opens my door and pulls me out and throws me into the busy street, luckily i land on my feet and run to the other side of the street alive, cars honking at me, flipping me off, well they dont know how i got into the street do they, no, my dd gives me a death stare and i see sam banging on the window crying his eyes out, my mama sitting in the front seat, not even looking at me, my eyes fill with warm tears as i run away into an ally and onto another street, i keep running until my legs cant move farther, so i just sit against the wall facing the street, a young boy stops in front of me after a while, i look up at him, he has tanish hair and brown eyes, he looks to be eight or so, but not as old as my brother

"are you ok" he asks holding an umbrella in one hand, i nod, lying

"yeah, im fine, thanks, my dad just kicked me out, bu ill find something, eventually" i say

"wow, you can talk very well for your age, are you five" the boy asks smiling slightly

"yes, my parents made me start early, i just started first grade" i say, his yes widen

"wow, well, you look cold, how long have you been out here" the boy asks

"maybe an hour" i say

"wow, hey, you can come to my house for a bit, we can locate your parents" i shake my head

"my daddy threw me into the street, he doesnt want me back" i say sobbing, he pulls me into a hug, i hug him tight,even though i dont know him

"come on, my family can feed you" he says and picks me up, he holds me to his waist with one arm and carries the umbrella in the other, i wrap my arms around his neck and hold him close, is this a good path for me, or will i regret this later, i feel a pain in my chest, but ignore it, it'll go away soon

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