when five year old evenie is dropped off in the middle of a huge city and left by her parents, she is found by the famous justin bieber, but before he is famous of course, but she stays very sick, will she survive will he parents and brother come back for her


2. call

the stairs are coming closer, the walls are closing in on me, and i hear justin screaming my name, i run for the stairs, i make it to the top, to see justin standing behind bars, with a lion tearing him apart, i start screaming, then something grabs me from behind and holds a gun up to my head, the moment i hear the gunshot, i wake up to justin shaking me, tears in his eyes, he pulls me into a huge hug, i hug him back like my life depended on it

"are you ok" justin asks me after pulling away slightly, just to see my face, i shake my head and bury it into his shoulder, he strokes my hair breathing heavily, trying to stop crying himself

"please stop crying" i say smiling, he smiles back down to me

"im sorry, i just thought you wouldnt wake up, i was trying to get you up for like ten minutes, and then you started screaming" he starts sobbing again, i hold him close, this time im the one comforting him, which makes me feel a little better

"im the one who should be sorry, i scared you" i say, he looks at me, his eyes red

"no, it wasnt your fault, you had no control over that" he says and kisses me on the forehead, he stands up and holds one out to me, i take it and he pulls me to my feet, i slack and fall into his arms, he picks me and holds me to his waist, i wrap my arms around his neck and he carries me downstairs, its eight years later, i am thirteen, and justin is sixteen, he sets me down in a chair and walks into the kitchen, and brings me a plate with three pancakes, two bacon strips, a pile of eggs, and an even bigger pile of hash browns, how this all fits on one plate i dont know, but h made it work

"you want orange juice" he asks

"coffee" i say, he turns to look at me, i laugh

"ok, wait, dont you have school today" he asks me

"yeah, but i already slept in, can you drive me" i ask shoving eggs in my mouth

"yeah, but you need to hurry, i dont want you to miss too much of school" he says bringing over a cup of coffee with cream and sugar

"thanks, and ok" i say, he kisses me on top of the head and brings over his plate, with the same amount as i have, or used to, im already half way through just about everything except for my pancakes

"dude, dang" justin says and i laugh

"hey, nightmares build up appetites" i laugh

"well, maybe ill have those more often if im going to eat as fast as you" he says and we both laugh, we finish eating in silnce and i go up to my room to get ready, i see a shadow next to my room, it slowly creeps into my room, i run in there to see it jump at me and knock me over, i scream and back away as fast as i can to the stairs, by the time i get there justin is next to me

"what happened" he says, i just stare into my room, he gets it and starts in, i grab his leg

"dont, i dont want you to get hurt" i say holding onto his leg

"evenie, whatever is in there already hurt you" he puts his hand up to my cheek and i feel a sting, i fl it, and see blood on my fingertips, justin gets out of my grip and walks in there, i try to go after him, but he comes back out calm as ev

"theres nothing in there" he says and helps me to my feet

"but i saw a shadow, then it flew into me and pushed me to the ground" i say, he puts a hand on my shoulder

"i didnt see anything, now go get ready for school" he walks back downstairs

i stare at the doorway, i walk in and slowly to my closet, i quickly pull some clothes out and run to the bathroom to change, once i am fully ready justin drives me to school

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