when five year old evenie is dropped off in the middle of a huge city and left by her parents, she is found by the famous justin bieber, but before he is famous of course, but she stays very sick, will she survive will he parents and brother come back for her


3. a friend

Its a miracle the shadow didnt hurt justin, or maybe its just my luck it hates me more, as i watch the senery go by waiting to get to school juston frequently looks over at me, he asks if im ok briefely, when i ignore him he puts a hand on my arm, when i ignore that he gives up and consentrates on traffic When i step out of the car in the school parking lot i glance over at justin and see a tear slide down his right cheek, i close the door and walk up to the two story building that is school i feel myself start to tear up thinking of justin crying when he still needs to drive home, i sit on a bench in the courtyard and stare at the ground, someone sits next to me, i ignore them, not wanting to talk to anyone right now He puts a hand on my shoulder, i push it away and look at him with a death stare, so he knows i will kill him if he talks to me, he looks new, so I look away and don't hit him

" are you ok" he asks in the sweetest voice ever, I look at him again, he has big blue eyes, and short brown hair, he has a sweet smile, I nod and look at the ground

" yeah, I'm just a bit upset with myself right now" I say, he puts a hand over my own on the bench between us, it is warm and comforting, another new looking boy comes over

" Tyler what's going on here" he says, the boy is blonde with big green eyes, he also has a smooth voice and sweet smile

" she is sad, I'm trying to cheer her up" I feel my cheeks get red, but I'm hoping I'm not blushing

" awe, what's wrong?" The boy asks

" I'm just not in a good mood, I made my brother cry earlier and ignored him all morning, is that enough for you?" I ask, the other boy sits on the other side of me, I pull my hand away from Tyler and put them in my lap, I look at the bracelet he bought me last year, it is beautiful, it has his name on it in small print on a charm, with my name on one next to it, it is solid gold and silver, with heart charms around it, the blonde boy turns it around to read the two names on it

" Justin is your brother " he asks, I nod, he pulls me into a hug

" Dante stop" Tyler says " she isn't in a good mood" 

" yes please, I'm not in the mood for a hug right now" he pulls away

" sorry" he says, I nod

" so are you guys new" I ask, they both nod

" were brothers, I'm guessing you aren't" I nod

" what's your name" Dante asks

"Evenie, no one like me, so if you don't care about being ignored by everybody because you hang out with me go ahead and be friends with me, but you don't have to, I don't care anymore" they fall dead silent, I look over at Dante, he has the saddest shocked face I have ever seen, I look at Tyler, same

"that's messed up, why don't they hang out with you" Tyler asks, I look down, I stay silent, I don't want to answer, actually I'm not sure how to answer

"I don't care about what other people think about you, I believe you can be a good friend, and I want to be your friend" Dante says as some popular guys walk over, Scott is the first to speak

"hey Dante, Tyler, come hang out with us and get away from this freak" he says, I stand up and start to walk away when Dante holds my hand and stands up next to me

"show some respect for her, she is just as good as every body else and I don't get why everyone treats her this way, I will stay with her" he says, Tyler grabs my other hand and nods, but I pull away and look at them

"you should hang out with them, all I can bring you is pain, I appreciate you saying that but they will be better friends for you" I say, Scott pushes me away, Dante and Tyler cautiously go with them, I sit alone in a corner where no one can see me and cry, I had pushed away the only people who actually wanted to be my friends, when everybody else avoided me like I was diseased

"hey" I jump, and see Dante standing in front of me, tears sliding down his cheeks, I sit up more, he sits on the floor next to me

"hey, weren't you going to hang out with the pops" I ask, he shakes his head

"no, I like you better, and I heard them calling you terrible things and saying how terrible you are, I couldn't take it, so I came to find you, what are you crying for?" I look at him, his eyes are caring.


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