My Step Brother

"Our parents...they don't have to know. We can be a secret." Louis said, coming closer and closer to me and moved back until I reached the wall. Louis was right in front of me; his hand resting right next to my head.
"But- what if they, you know, find out?" I asked, my voice shaking due to how close Louis was.
"They won't. It'll just be our little secret" Louis said, his face inching towards mine.
"Works for me" I said, grabbing his head and pulling his head in to kiss him.


47. Chapter 47


"Amber." He whispered to me, gently. I leaned in closer to him, wanting to feel his warmth. I felt a hand shake me gently. I snuffled into his neck, taking in all of his scent.

"Amber, wake up beautiful." The voice said gently. I felt a light kiss on my nose. I brought my hand up to his mouth and clamped it shut.

"5 more minutes" I murmured. I felt Louis' chest vibrate with laughter. He smoothed my crazy and wild bed hair down with his big hand.

"Whatever you say" He replied, pulling me in so close that I ended up sleeping on top of him.

30 minutes later...

Should I wake him up? I know I should- but he looks adorable. He looked so innocent, which was a contrast to his usual pervy grin. I rolled off of him so that I was right next to him. I stared at his facial features- his eyelashes were long enough for a girl to be jealous of them. He's so beautiful in a boyish way.

"Lou, babe, wake up" I said, cuddling into him closer- which probably wasn't good if I wanted him to get but he is really warm and cuddly! He scrunched his face while he moaned under his breath. I leant up to his face and gently kissed him on his eyelids. I then straddled him and made my way down to his nose; leaving a peck on there. I kissed everywhere on his face but his lips.

I could tell Louis was awake by now because of his frustrated face. I decided to tease him a bit more but leaving a long kiss on the edge of his lips. He let out a groan and grabbed hold of both of my shoulders and crashed me into his lips. I could taste his morning breath but his kissing skills made up for it.

"Louis" I murmured, my lips still stuck onto his. He asked for entrance, which I gladly gave. Hey, there's only so much you can tease a cute boy like him, right? Our tongues explored each other's mouth and danced along with each other.

"Mmmmhhh" he replied, his mind obviously somewhere else. I pushed against his chest, to pull away for air. The minute I let go, he started to attack my neck- leaving a love bite on the side.

"We should get up- it's 8pm?" I said, looking over at the clock on the night stand. Did we really sleep that long? After the reception ended (which was around 3pm) we, Louis and I, went back to our hotel room to sleep.

"Can't we just stay here?" He whined like a little kid. He pulled me to him even closer so that there wasn't any space between us. He pouted and smirked again. Dammit, he knows that his pouts are my weakness! I kissed him on it- making it go away.

"No, we should really do something productive!" I said, forcing myself off of him. As much as I wanted to stay in bed with him the rest of the night- we ARE in Paris. We're going to stay there for a week longer before we have to go.

"I can think of some productive things we can do" he said, lazily slinging his arm over my waist. His thumb drew small circles on my hip. I blushed, trying to hide my face in the pillow.


"Relax! Calm your hormones done! I was just joking." He smirked when I snuffled my face even harder into the pillow. He snatched the pillow from underneath me and smiled with proudness once he saw me blush.

"Shut up! But seriously- what should we do?" I asked him, punching him lightly.

"Let's go clubbing." He said, getting up to put his shirt and jeans on. He slid on his usual clothes - a white and blue striped top with red khakis. I soon got up to get dressed too. I went inside my closet and pulled out a tight red dress. I brought it with me to the bathroom to get changed. As I stripped off my clothes- I felt my stomach churn. I rushed to the sink, throwing up today's lunch.

Louis rushed inside and pulled my hair out of the way. He rub my back gently, almost as if I was made of glass and could break any second. That made butterflies form inside my stomach but it didn't help that they were flying all around my sick. I barfed up even more. A couple of minutes later, I finally stopped.

"I'll just stay home." I stuttered, still not over my sickness. I could still feel some acid I'm my mouth and throat and it was disgusting. I think it was the shrimp. Dammit- it's always the bloody shrimp. Never trust them.

"I'm staying home with you" he said, starting to pull off his top again. I stopped him from doing so.

"No. No please. You can go. I'll be fine here. I'll just sleep."


"No- you go and have fun. I'll just rest here" I said, climbing back into bed- not bothering to put my clothes back on. I lay there in my bra and knickers with the thick duvet covering me. Louis followed me out of the bathroom- with a hesitant expression written all over his face. It'd be selfish of me to keep him in here and take away his fun.

"Are you sure? Because I really don't mind-"

"Yes I'm sure! Now go!" I said, pointing to the door. He licked his lips,nervously.

"If you say so... But call me if you need me. I'll be back here in a jiffy"

"I will now go!" I giggled at his cuteness. He kissed me on the forehead, mumbling an 'I love you'. He made his way out of the door, leaving me with the quietness of the room. I've never realised that it'd be THIS quiet. Louis is louder than I thought he was. It was so silent that I could hear a pin drop.


I looked through the pictures. Perfect. All is going to plan. I sat down on my bed- looking at the different pictures I'd collected of Amber. Well it was Amber and Louis but I cut his stupid face out of the picture. I scanned through the different pictures I had of her. God, she's so beautiful. She's not like anyone else I've ever met.

I saw the picture of her at the carnival with Louis. I know it's wrong stalking her but it just feels so right. She's mine. She always was. Louis is just a distraction. If he was out of the picture, I would have been laying in bed with her at this very moment, like she was with Louis today. I took the picture of her straddling Louis. Taking a sharpie, I carefully scribbled out Louis' body. There, much better.

That should be me. She should have been straddling me. She should have been trying to wake me up by her precious and dainty kisses instead of that bitch Louis William Fucking Tomlinson.

I was still in my waiter uniform. I was at the reception, serving the food. Well, more specifically, Amber's. I felt bad for serving her the bad shrimps that Chef Luigi specifically told me to throw away. I saw Louis go inside the taxi from the window. Great. Now time to pay a little visit to someone.

(A/N I was going to stop here but I'm not :), you're welcome)

I found my way outside her hotel door.


I heard 2 knocks coming outside my door. I smiled softly to myself. Louis is so adorable. He came back. I did kinda miss him but I just wanted him to have fun.

"The door's open!!!" I called out, not wanting to get up from my comfy bed. I heard the door open. I could hear big, heavy footsteps. They were getting louder and louder with each step. Heavy breathing accompanied it.

I couldn't see Louis' beautiful face because there was a corridor between the front door and where I was. I got up, not bothering to cover myself- after all, it is only Louis. I bumped into him. I looked up, my smile fading from my face


"Hi Amber baby. I missed you a lot, you know" Jake said, whispering into my ears, whilst grabbing my shoulders and pulling me in towards him. I tried to pull away but his grip was too strong.

"Uh- hi- erm- do you mind if i go and get some clo-" I stuttered. Jake's scaring me. Why's he acting like this?

"Yes" he said, fury building up in his eyes.

"What?" I said, shocked.

"What? So if it was Louis- you'd be all over him but if it's me- you won't even let me see you like this?" He said, still whispering into my ear- jealousy was waving through him.

"Jake, Louis' my boy-"

"No! He's not! You're mine, Amber. All mine." He said, stroking my hair gently. My mind casted back to when Louis did similar gestures but his was more caring and loving compared to Jake's. His felt all cold and icy.

"And I'm going to show you just how much I love you." He picked me and made his way to Louis' and my bed. I thrashed around in his arms- but it was hopeless since he wouldn't budge. He gently laid me doe on the bed. He leaned in closely and said,

"If you want your precious Louis alive, you're going to have to stop rejecting me, sweetheart." I instantly froze up. He wouldn't. No. This can't be happening.

"You're so beautiful, Amber." He growled as he stripped me off my underwear. He left a trail of kisses everywhere.

"Please don't." I said ever so quietly that he didn't hear me. I could feel the endless trail of tears falling. I closed my eyes in fear.



That took me like an hr and a half to write!!!

But I hope you like it! Or hate it or whatever

I wrote this and published this on my phone so I'm really sorry for all the grammer and spelling mistakes

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