My Step Brother

"Our parents...they don't have to know. We can be a secret." Louis said, coming closer and closer to me and moved back until I reached the wall. Louis was right in front of me; his hand resting right next to my head.
"But- what if they, you know, find out?" I asked, my voice shaking due to how close Louis was.
"They won't. It'll just be our little secret" Louis said, his face inching towards mine.
"Works for me" I said, grabbing his head and pulling his head in to kiss him.


44. Chapter 44


"So what's your name?" Niall asked as we slow danced together on the stage. 

"J-Julia" I stuttered. Niall wrapped his arm tighter around my waist and pulled me closer to his body. He smiled softly at me as he leaned it closer to my ear. "That's a beautiful name, love" 

I felt my cheeks heating up. I looked down at my shoes as I heard Niall laugh, which just made me blush even more. He grazed his cheek over my hot one. 

"You look so cute when you blush, especially when I'm the cause of it" He said. I looked up at him; my eyes instantly drawing into this deep blue ones. They're so captivating. If I could, I would look in them forever but then he'd probably classify me as a creep. I'm not usually this shy but somehow he makes me. 

Just as I was about to reply back, I saw a hand tap Niall's shoulder. Niall stopped and turned around. I looked up to see a familiar face that I wanted to burn out of my head. A face that wasn't even worth remembering. What is he even doing here? I saw him smile at me. A smile that would have had my heart racing before but now... it made me want to throw up- all over his cheating self. 

"Do you mind if I steal her for a second, mate?" He asked, raising his eyebrows at Niall. He looked a bit hesitant at first but finally agreed. As soon as Niall started to walk off, his hand gripped my waist tightly and pulled me into him. 

"Chad, what the fuck are you doing here?" I hissed, not wanting to cause a scene. Chad's eyebrows shot up in amusement. 

"I'm the bride's cousin's friend. And aren't you happy to see me?" He smirked. I widened my eyes at him. Who does he think he is? What is he doing? Shouldn't he be busy banging that blonde slut who he cheated on me with? I'm so glad that I found this out before our wedding.

"I think that blonde slut would be more happy to see you than I-"

"Her name's Ashley." He said, cutting me off. 

"Ashley," I corrected, gritting my teeth. 

"We need to talk." He said, suddenly pulling out and grabbing my wrist tightly. He pulled me away from the dance floor and was walking towards one of the doors. 
"Chad? What are you doing? Leave me alone!" I said, trying to pull out of his tight grip but failing. I looked desperately round for Niall but he was no where to be seen. Chad opened a random door and pushed me inside before coming in with me and locking the door. He switched the light switch on the side. We were in the storage room. 

Chad stared at me. He trailed his eyes down my body. When he looked back at my face, his eyes darkened and were filled with something that I couldn't decipher. He lifted his hand to cup my face. 

"W-What a-are you d-doing?" I squeaked. Chad came closer and closer to me and ended up sandwiching my body between him and the wall. His other hand fell to my waist. They started to move up and down my body, feeling me up. 

"P-Please. D-Don't." I said. I closed my eyes in fear as tears started to trickle down my cheeks. His hand cupped my breast as he let out a moan. 

"Let go of me!" I screamed, pushing his hand away. His eyes shot up to mine and before I knew it, I felt a sudden gash of pain on my left cheek. I brought my hand to my cheek in shock and looked up at him. His face didn't show any sign of regret, instead he just seemed more angry. 

"How could you?" I said, struggling to get the words out. He rolled his eyes in frustration as he grabbed my chin pulling me closer to him. 

"Listen to me bitch, if you don't listen to what I say then...well- we're going to have a bit of a problem. And we don't want that, right beautiful?" He said, tracing his fingers over my neckline. 

I nodded quickly in fear. He smirked evilly at me as his hands reached behind my back and started to unzip my dress. I clenched my fists tightly together, stopping myself from doing anything that I'll regret later. 

I saw my bridesmaid dress slip down and a sudden breeze hit me. He smiled as his lips attached onto my neck. He was making his way down, when a knock came from the door. 

"Julia? Are you in there?" Niall's voice shouted. I almost wanted to scream for help but I couldn't since Chad's hand flew up to my mouth, stopping me. 

"Help!" I shouted, although it came muffled and sounded like 'hmmp'. I was greeted with another slap on my face. I saw the doorknob rattle. I silently egged on for the lock to suddenly break or something. It stopped for a few seconds and there was no sound. I almost gave up hope when the door was broken down.

Niall stared at Chad and I for a few seconds. He looked carefully at my face and saw tears. He charged at Chad and pulled him off of me. He threw a punch at his face, leaving a bloody Chad lying on the floor in pain. 
"Julia! Fuck! Are you okay?" He said, rushing towards me. I quickly grabbed my dress and pulled it on. I nodded my head slowly. I felt a pair of arms wrap around me. However it wasn't like Chad's, it was more warmer and more...gentle. 

"Here, come with me. I'll take you home." He said, whispering into my ear, pulling me up with him as we left the building-unnoticed. 


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