My Step Brother

"Our parents...they don't have to know. We can be a secret." Louis said, coming closer and closer to me and moved back until I reached the wall. Louis was right in front of me; his hand resting right next to my head.
"But- what if they, you know, find out?" I asked, my voice shaking due to how close Louis was.
"They won't. It'll just be our little secret" Louis said, his face inching towards mine.
"Works for me" I said, grabbing his head and pulling his head in to kiss him.


42. Chapter 42


"I do" Joannah said, a tear forming in the corner of her eye. She wiped it away, before it could ruin her make up. I knew I should have put the waterproof mascara on her. Dammit. 

I looked at my dad. He looked so happy at the moment. I wonder if he looked this happy when he was with my mum... 

Dad held Joannah's hand and kissed it. "I do" 

"You may now kiss the bride" The, rather bored, priest said. I looked down at my feet and smiled. I wonder when that'll happen to me. I looked over at Louis who was standing opposite of me. He was already looking at me and smiling. I then looked down to my promise ring that he gave me. Words cannot describe how much I love Louis. 

With me, were standing Julia, Abby, Rebekah and Jazz. I was the maid of honour so I wore a strapless, dark green dress that came up to my knees. The girls wore the same, except it was light green. I couldn't help but notice a few googly eyes coming from the girls. Julia and Niall kept sneaking glances at each other. Harry was full on staring at Jazz and she did the same. Abby and Zayn kept sending each other flirtacious glances. I don't think those two will need my help in their future relationship! Rebeka and Liam were looking at each other and kept blushing when the other looked in their direction. Cute.  Looks like I've got some matchmaking to do.

All the boys were wearing suits. They all looked dashing of course, but one stood out for me. Niall. Nope, just joking! Louis just looked amazing. It's like he could wear anything and pull it off. He looked at me as if he wanted to rip my dress off. Well, I can say the feeling is mutual. 

Dad and Joannah, began to walk down the aisle, holding hands smiling at each other. Everyone soon started to follow them outside. I somehow managed to stay at the back of the crowd when they were just about to get into their car. Joannah turned around, holding her bouquet of flowers. She had her back towards us and threw them up in the air. I was just about to leave and find my friends when I felt something bounce on my head and into my hands. I felt a pair of eyes on me. I looked down to see the bunch of flowers sitting comfortably in them. 

I looked up to see Joannah send me a wink before she got in the car with dad. They were off to the after party where they'd have their first dance. Everyone else would follow behind them. I automatically looked at Louis and blushed. He had this hands shoved in his pockets and there was even the faintest blush painted on his cheeks. I bit my lip, trying to hide my smile otherwise it'd make people suspicious. 

I held the flowers in my hands as we all headed down to our designated cars. Abby, Jazz, Rebekah, Julia and I would all be in one car whilst the rest of the One Direction boys would be in another. The girls and I sat at the back of our car as the drive started to drive off. 

"I wish I could have a wedding like that someday" Rebekah sighed. I patted her shoulder, "Don't we all but it'll all happen to us someday once we find the right one."

"I don't think boys would be interested in me like that though." Julia said sadly. 
"Are you kidding me? So you're telling me all those sneaky glances that Niall was giving you meant nothing!" I scoffed, raising my eyebrows. Julia snapped her head up. 

"W-What? N-No. He wasn't looking at me.... was he?" She said, a smile started to creep up on her face. 

"He was looking at you like you were the last chicken wing on the plate!" I exclaiming, causing a couple of glances that suggested what-the-hell-are-you-on-about. 

"What I mean is that he has found his princess" I smiled when I saw Julia blush. 

"Yeah, he really likes you" Jazz, Abby and Rebekah said together. 

"Yeah, don't think I didn't see what was going on between you three and Harry, Zayn and Liam! These eyes see everything!" I said, probably sounding creepy. But hey, they're my best friends, they're used to it. 

They all blushed together causing an 'awww' from me. Before any of us could say another word, the drive interrupted us. "We're here" He said, probably relieved he didn't have to listen to any more of the girl talk. 

We scrambled out of the car and went inside the reception. It looked awesome there was a dance floor in the middle and tables around the sides. It had an elegant yet informal feel to it. The lights were dimmed down and blue lights were visible. It was beautiful. 

Everyone else seemed to be here already here. The hired DJ stopped the chattering and got everyone's attention. 

"Could we please call up the newly weds on the dance floor for the first dance?" He said. Everyone cheered and clapped as they went up together, holding hands. They started to dance in time to a slow song. Everyone else paired up and joined them on the floor; making it become quite crowded. I stood at the side and just watched my friends pair up with their crush. Abby with Zayn. Rebekah with Liam. Julia with Niall and Jazz with Harry. I smiled at the sight.

A hand wrapped around my waist and pulled me in to his chest. Louis. I turned around to see Louis smiling at me. He leaned down and whispered "Follow me"

He held my hand and led me away from the rest of the crowd on the dance floor. We entered a brown door that was at the back of the reception. Inside was a flight of dull, grey steps. Louis led us both up there. After  3 flights of stairs, we came in front of a door. Louis opened it. We were standing on the balcony. My eyes widened as I ran out and looked to see he view. I could see the whole of Paris from here. The Eiffel Tower was at the centre of it all. 

"Louis... this is beautiful!" I said, speechless. Louis wrapped his arm around me again and kissed my cheek/

"I'm glad you liked it" He said. He let go of me and walked over to a small table at the corner of the balcony. His iPhone was sitting on top of it. He opened a playlist called 'Our Songs'. The first song that started to play was 'Never say Never' by the Fray. I smiled. Louis remembered. 

He walked back over to me and put one hand on my waist and intertwined the other hand with my hand and held it out. I placed my head on his shoulder as we began to sway together in time to the music. 

"You know, you look so beautiful in that dress" Louis said. Luckily, I wasn't facing him, so I didn't bother hiding my blush. 

"You look rather dashing in that dress too" I smiled, laying a gentle kiss on the end of his neck. We both pulled away and leaned in. As soon as our lips met, fireworks started erupting. Not just in my stomach but in the sky too. Dad and Joannah and the rest of the guests had gone outside to start setting off fireworks.

This is just perfect. 


Sorry, had to eat lunch- but here's the promised extra chapter! :)



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