My Step Brother

"Our parents...they don't have to know. We can be a secret." Louis said, coming closer and closer to me and moved back until I reached the wall. Louis was right in front of me; his hand resting right next to my head.
"But- what if they, you know, find out?" I asked, my voice shaking due to how close Louis was.
"They won't. It'll just be our little secret" Louis said, his face inching towards mine.
"Works for me" I said, grabbing his head and pulling his head in to kiss him.


40. Chapter 40


"Size?" A bored voice called from behind the counter. I looked up nervously to see a lady, around 25, picking her nails with a bored expression on her face. I just stared at her. I looked at her name tag, that seemed to fill up most of her top. Yeah, her top (if I should even call it that) was that small. I bet it could even fit that 5 year old playing right behind me. 

My trail of thoughts stopped for a second? A 5 year old? I mentally face palmed myself. I turned my attention back to the girl behind the counter. Or should I say slut? I really hope I'm not voicing my thoughts right now, that would be awkward. Her clothes remind me of the ones from #23 by Miley Cyrus. 

"Well? I haven't got all fucking day here!" She said, snapping her fingers in front of me. I stuttered for a second. She's going to judge. She'll judge me for even breathing in this shop, for Pete's sake! 

"36 C" I mumbled, hoping she would hear. She scoffed , before getting off the chair and walking over to the rails. I walked timidly behind her. I don't mean to sound like a homo or anything but... she looks really good. She's obviously taken care of her body. That means no Nandos (A/N Savanna- I know- no Nandos :'( THE PAIN sorry guys, back to the story -->) and no junk food. I looked down at mine and sighed. I suddenly felt self-cauntious. She looks like a Victorian street model. Well that would kinda make sense, since I'm currently at a lingerie shop.

She led me to the back of the store. She turned around, facing me, and gave me a bored look. 

"Normally I would recommend one for my customers but..." She looked disgustingly at my figure, "Nothing would suit you. So good luck finding one" She scoffed, strutting off as if she owned the shop. 

Bitch. I rolled my eyes at her and sighed. I really hope Louis will like this. He deserves it. If I'm losing it to anyone... it has to be him. Unlike Luke, he hasn't always been on my case about it. I looked down at the promise ring, with the half a heart engraved on it. I couldn't help but smile at this. I looked through the railings. What would Louis like? Pink, black, white, green, blue. There's so many. I didn't want any over the top- maybe a simple but sexy look I guess. After looking through some of the rows, I settled with a black lace bra with matching knickers and a sheer black lace robe. I mentally counted the total- £41 (or 50 euros). 

Quite expensive but I wanted to make it special. I paid (trying to ignore the stare from the bitch behind the counter) and stuffed the bag into my purse. I called out for a taxi and got inside. 

While the taxi man was driving, I took my phone out and started to answer some of my texts. 

Louis: Where are you, babe? I miss you xx

Amber: I'm on my way.

Louis: Can't wait to see your beautiful face again :)

I mentally blushed at that text and put my phone back in my pocket, since I had arrived. The walk from outside of the hotel to our room seemed to take years. I opened the door to find Louis lounging on the couch, watching the telly, with his phone resting lazily in his hand. When he saw me, he immediately stood up and came over to give me a hug and a kiss. 

I pulled away from him, anxious to give my surprise. "Uh... I have to go to the bathroom. I'll be right back." I said and he frowned at me, but I figured he wouldn't mind once he found out why I am acting so weird. 

I sped into the bathroom, and I tried my best to hide the shopping bag that was sticking out of my purse a bit. I put on my new "outfit", and I left the robe open a bit so he could get a glance at the bra underneath. I came out from the bathroom to find Louis sitting on the bed; his back facing me. 

He heard the bathroom door open and started to say something as he turned around to face me. "Is there a reason why you're acting so diet-" he stopped what he was saying once he saw me, and created a new sentence: "Holy shit." He said briefly, his eyes started to widen as they wandered down me.

I slowly made my way to him. " like it?"

His eyes kept going up and down my body, taking it all in. He nodded his head, with a toothy grin on his face, and his eyes grew dark with lust. "Love it."

He put his around my waist and slid the robe of my shoulders. I noticed the growing bulge in his pants. I sat him down on the bed and straddled him. "This is my promise to you that we will be doing this on our wedding night." I told him as he kissed my jawline. 


A few steamy minutes later, both of our clothes were off and we were panting like dogs. All I remember is how much pain I felt, because it was my first time. I was crying and Louis calmed me down and said it would go away soon. Once the please struck, I didn't feel any pain. Just pure happiness. After we made love, we held each other in bed and talked for the rest of the night.


It's sooo short I know :(


But I hope you liked it???? Sorry, if it's not the best :S

Anyway ta-ta!


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