My Step Brother

"Our parents...they don't have to know. We can be a secret." Louis said, coming closer and closer to me and moved back until I reached the wall. Louis was right in front of me; his hand resting right next to my head.
"But- what if they, you know, find out?" I asked, my voice shaking due to how close Louis was.
"They won't. It'll just be our little secret" Louis said, his face inching towards mine.
"Works for me" I said, grabbing his head and pulling his head in to kiss him.


3. Chapter 3


I realised I left my phone in the bathroom. I sighed and forced myself to get up from the bed and out of the door. The bathroom was only a couple of doors down from me so I didn't have to walk that far. I know, I'm lazy. As soon as I stepped out of the door. I felt someone bump into me. I looked to see who it was. Amber. My eyes widen when I saw that she was naked, with only a small towel wrapping around her body. She has a thin body. Not the thin one where it's gross. But the thin type where it's sexy. So damn sexy. 

Her hair was dripping down in water. The rest of her body was dried. I'm guessing she already dried it off. When Amber saw that it was me she bumped into, she took a couple of steps back and started blushing like crazy. But it was cute. I really need to remember to make her blush more often. She suddenly found the floor interesting as she hurried off into her room. As soon as she turned her back to me, I instantly turned around to check her out. When I said her towel was small, I met really small. It covered MOST of her butt. Key word= MOST. She's so hot. As soon as the door closed behind her. I sighed, leaning my head against the wall. I felt a growing bulge in my jeans. Fuck, no! Out of all the girls out there, literally killing each other to be with me, I just had to fall hard for the one girl I know I can't have. 

Amber. Even that name was just so...... perfect. It matched her personality. Funny, happy, positive, full of excitement. I almost forgot why I had come out of my bedroom but I'm glad I did. Wow! I finally understand why people call me a perv now. It's starting to creep even me out as well. I walked in the bathroom and grabbed my phone. I was texting Harry while walking to my bedroom.

Harry: So Lou, how's your new step sister? She hot ;)

My blood boiled at that. Just because I can't have her, doesn't mean my best mate can! In fact, no other boy can for that matter! I tried to calm myself down. I didn't want Harry to get suspicious. Would a boy find his step sister hot, if he wasn't falling for her? I'm guessing the answer's no. But I couldn't bring myself up to say it. Saying that she wasn't hot was like saying........... that I hate carrots. Oh my god! I can't believe I just thought of carrots that way. I'm so sorry carrots! forgive me! Okay...... what was i even thinking about. Oh yeah......

Louis: Why don't you see for yourself?

That seemed good enough. 

Harry: Cool! I'll do just that! Can I come over for dinner today? 

What? No! I don't want him to meet her! I know the type of girls he falls for. And she's his type. But then again, he's gonna have to meet her SOMETIME........ I reluctantly replied to his message.

Louis: Yeah, sure. Whatever. Just don't hit on her

I just had to say it. It would kill me, watching him put his flirting skills on her.

Harry: Why, haha! it's not as if you have a crush on her? lol

Awkward silence in my head right now...............

Louis: Um, haha! n-no. it's just it would be really uncomfortable for me.

That's the truth but not the whole one.

Harry: I'll try boo bear! But it depends on how hot she is! ;) K- just leaving. see ya later

I sighed heavily before hearing mum call my name. "LOUIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMBER!!!!!!!!!!!! ZACH!!!!!!!! TIME FOR DINNER!" She shouted. I straightened myself up a bit before walking downstairs. Turns out I was the last one to reach. There were two chairs left. I sat on the one next to Amber, of course ;)

The minute she made eye contact with me, she looked away. I guess she was still embarrassed with the whole situation that just occurred like 5 minutes ago. I didn't want things to be all awkward between us. I leaned and whispered in her ear, "Hey, listen don't feel embarrassed because of what happened like 5 minutes ago. I didn't see much........ I-I mean, I didn't see anything" I said hesitating at the end.

Amber smiled at me. "Yeahh! Sure you didn't!" She said rolling her eyes sarcastically. Damn! Were my googly eyes at her THAT obvious. 

Just the, the door bell rang. Harry. I sighed while getting up and opening the door. 

"Where is she?" He said, looking over my shoulder.

"Well, hello to you too!" I said rolling my eyes while leaving for Harry to close the door.

I walked over to the dining table where everyone was. 


I was sitting at the table, texting Luke. Gosh! He's such a flirt! Not that I'm complaining. Jus then Louis came back to sit at the table. Behind him, was another person. It was Harry. Oh my god! I've just seen 2 One Direction boys in the same day!

"H-Harry...." I said in shock....

"Hey beautiful! What's your name?" He said winking.

I hesitated a bit. I was flattered he called me beautiful but I have a boyfriend.

"Amber" I said without any emotion. 

I just ignored everyone's conversation. My eyes were glued to my phone. Luke and I were texting each other for a while now. I felt a pair of eyes look at me suspiciously. I turned my head to my side. Louis was staring at my phone suspiciously.


"Who are you texting?" I asked, trying not to sound too curious.

"Oh, um...Luke. You now, from 5 SOS" She said, her smile a bit hesitant.

How does she know him?

"How you know him?" I said, before I could stop myself. Please be an acquaintance or at most a friend. Just please don't say.......

"My boyfriend"


Hey guys, I'm doing a movellas marathon. I'm going to be updating a lot of new chapters in this book today!

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