My Step Brother

"Our parents...they don't have to know. We can be a secret." Louis said, coming closer and closer to me and moved back until I reached the wall. Louis was right in front of me; his hand resting right next to my head.
"But- what if they, you know, find out?" I asked, my voice shaking due to how close Louis was.
"They won't. It'll just be our little secret" Louis said, his face inching towards mine.
"Works for me" I said, grabbing his head and pulling his head in to kiss him.


21. Chapter 21


"Okay, we've been walking for 5 minutes and I'm blindfolded. Are you going to tell me where I'm going?" I said, flapping my arms out to try and touch stuff that I might recognise to get an idea of where I am.

I put my hands straight out in front of me and it hit something hard. I felt my hands over the object. It was a circle...... I touched the top of it. Okay, make that a HAIRY circle. I moved my hands down to the bottom of the circle, a nose?

"You done, touching me up?" Louis'  voice chuckled. I quickly put my hands to my sides. How did I not recognise that face?


"Don't be"

"So, are we almost there yet?" I said, whining like a child.

"Uhh....almost...." Louis said.

Before I could reply, I felt my foot step on something squishy.

"Aggghhhh!!!!!! Oh my god! What did I just step on?" I screamed. Don't blame me! For all I know, it could be some dead squished up...... snake. That thought sent shivers up my spine.

"Don't worry, baby. I'll save you from the-" Louis said, panicked.

See? I knew it was something dangerous.

Louis lifted me off my feet and carried me bridal style.

"Mud" Louis laughed.

"Louis, last time I checked, you're not the one blind folded" I pointed out, trying to hold up my dignity even though Louis and I both knew that I lost this round.

"C'mon! You've gotta admit that you enjoy me holding you like this" I heard Louis' voice. I think he smirked during that, I'm not sure.

I started to blush hard. And this time, I couldn't hide it with my hands because they were wrapped around Louis' neck while he was carrying me.

"I love it when I make you blush. You're adorable." Louis whispered in my ears. Louis' hot breath sent tingles up my spine and warmed up my entire body.

"We're here!" Louis said, placing me down on a chair?

I removed the blindfold from my eyes; only to be hit in the face with the most beautiful thing I've ever laid my eyes on (apart from Louis of course ;)

"L-L-Louis. This is just........." I was speechless.

"I know" Louis finished, understanding.

Louis took me to deserted place. I don't know what you call it. But it has a huge waterfall. Beside it, on the bank, there was a patch of healthy, deep green grass. It was perfect. Simple yet perfect. I noticed some lilies, tulips and loads of other colourful flowers I don't know the name of.

The whole aura of this place was just so calming and peaceful and it was so much better with Louis here.

"What is this place?" I asked Louis, as soon as I got my voice back.

"I-um.... when I was small, like 10. I used to get bullied. I used to always be the chubby person in the class. I was the nerdy one, doing everyone else' homework and projects. I basically gave everyone an A* in year 5! Everyday, when someone used to pick on me, I came here after school. I found this place. It just really helps me to calm down and forget all my stress and worries. I've never shown anyone this before. Not even my parents. I was waiting for that one girl who made me feel special and cared for me. And now, I think've found her. No wait, I KNOW I've found her" Louis said, holding my hands as he looked me into my eyes.

Tears started to come out of my eyes. I felt my heart thumping loudly against my chest.

Louis got down on one knee. He pulled out a red velvet box. He opened it and inside it was.......

A turquoise ring. It had a half of a pink heart engraved on it.

Louis smiled at the ground before looking up at me.

"Amber, will you be my girlfriend? So I can call you mine and I can be yours?" Louis looked at me with hope written all over his face.

His eyes searched mine waiting for a reaction.

Why are you standing like a doofus, Amber? Go and say yes!

"Yes. Yes times a million" I said, happily. Louis jumped up and hugged me tightly.

"You don't know how happy you have just made me, Amber" He whispered, his head tucked in my hair.

We pulled away as Louis started to take his top off.

"Uh..... Lou, what are you doing?" I asked, expecting the worst since he IS a crazy boy.

"Swimming. And you're joining in!" He said, pulling down his trousers. 
"In there?" I pointed out to the river.

"Yup" Louis said casually, while I was freaking out.

"What do you mean? It's not safe!" I pointed out.

"What's there to make it unsafe?" Louis reasoned.

"The-" I thought about it. What IS there to make it unsafe?

I paused, thinking. Louis began to smile. He knows he won. Damn, him. Why does he have to be so good!

Louis walked up to me and wrapped his arms around my waist as he brought my body closer to his. My breathing hitched at the proximity of both our bodies.

"Don't worry, Amber. You have me. I'll do anything to keep my girlfriend safe" He smirked. I can tell he loved calling me his girlfriend as much as I loved calling him my boyfriend.

"I'm sure my boyfriend will. But Louis, I don't have my swim suit" I pointed out.

"I haven't got mine. But I'm wearing my boxers. Just wear your bra and underwear" He said, with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

I felt my cheeks blush. I could literally feel the heat on it. Me? Getting half-naked in front of the fittest boy on the planet? I don't think so. He'll see how ugly I am. I just looked at the ground, avoiding eye contact with Louis.

"Amber, don't be scared. You're beautiful" He kissed my forehead.

C'mon Amber. I can do this. It's only Louis...... Louis Tomlinson........ the world's most sexiest person in this planet.

I slowly took my top off with shaky hands. I did the same to my jeans.

Louis' eyes widened as they raked up and down my body. His eyes turned a darker shade of blue.

I suddenly felt self-cautious. I took my top that was now in my hand and covered it over my bra.

Louis' eyes met mine.

"Amber, I told you. You're the most beautiful girl I've ever laid my eyes on. Not just in looks, but they way you smile, the way you laugh, the way that you care for every single thing, everything about you is just perfect. I-I love you Amber" Louis said, looking into my eyes with so much hope in them.

"I-I love you too, Louis" I smiled back at him. He grinned from ear to ear as he crashed his lips onto mine. I could still feel him smiling against my lips throughout the kiss.

I wrapped my hands around his neck, dropping my top in the process.


It happened. It finally happened! Yay!!!!!!!


Lemme think of a ship name for them.......



I don't know I'm not exactly the best at making them up :S

So anyway, Shelby890 gave me an idea. I'm going start introducing the rest of 1D and their girlfriends. So I'm giving you the chance to be one of them :D

It's going to be on a first come, first serve basis. 

So in other words, the first one to tell me who they want to be with via movellas or twitter or whatsapp (if you're one of those lucky ones to have my number :) will get the place. Oh and you have to fan, like and fav my story to enter btw



Oh and also leave your name that you want to have in the story, how you look like, describe yourself :)




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