My Step Brother

"Our parents...they don't have to know. We can be a secret." Louis said, coming closer and closer to me and moved back until I reached the wall. Louis was right in front of me; his hand resting right next to my head.
"But- what if they, you know, find out?" I asked, my voice shaking due to how close Louis was.
"They won't. It'll just be our little secret" Louis said, his face inching towards mine.
"Works for me" I said, grabbing his head and pulling his head in to kiss him.


18. Chapter 18


"Um........ Amber....who is this?" I said, pointing a finger over to a boy standing next to her. He was my height and looked somewhat my age. From a girl's perspective, I would say that he is hot. But not as hot as me, of course duh! ;)

"Oh! Um, Louis this is Jake. He's a friend which I made. And Jake, this is Louis, my.......step brother" She said hesitantly.


By the way he's eyeing her, he doesn't seem like he wants to be just her 'friend'. I instinctively wrapped my arm around Amber's waist. Amber's eyes widened as she slipped them off.

"I thought you were going to meet your friend?" Jake asked curiously.

"Can't step brothers be friends as well?" Amber laughed. 

"I guess so! But I could be a better friend!" Jake said winking at her.

He's flirting.........with my girl...........right in front of me........

My hands curved into a tight fist. I could feel my blood rushing through my veins in my wrist. It took me everything not to punch his pretty face until it was just a messed up piece of shit. He's damn lucky that Amber's here otherwise he wouldn't see the living daylight. 

"Whatever. You can go now!" I tried to say calmly but I ended up spitting my words out at him harshly.

"Yea, you should go and meet up with your friend or whoever" Amber said, not looking at him in the eyes. 

"Uh........ you know what, I- um- just might hang out with you guys instead. Callum, my friend, just texted me saying that he cancelled it" Jake said smiling straight at Amber. 


"Umm........" I awkwardly said; looking over to Louis, who looked like he was about to burst in anger any minute. 
"Sure" I said looking away from Louis and to Jake.

"Thanks. Is it okay with you Louis?" Jake asked. I swear, Jake is writing his death will right now.

"It bloody well-" Louis shouted before I cut him off.

"IS. He means to say yes" I say, glancing over to Louis. I try to calm him down by holding his hand behind my back, where Jake couldn't see, and gently stroking it. I felt him relax into my hands.  Louis sighed. 

"So what should we do first?" Jake asked excitedly, grabbing my other hand, forcing me to let go of Louis'. I didn't want to seem rude and pull my hand away from Jake's grip but at the same time I didn't want Louis to explode with jealousy.

I tried to keep the distance between me and Jake but he just kept on pulling me back closer to him. Louis was sulking behind us. 

"Um..... maybe we should and watch a movie?" I asked, looking back at Louis to confirm.

I didn't want to leave Louis out. Besides, Louis' not the 3rd wheel here. Jake is. But I don't think he realises it. 

"Is that okay, Lou?" I asked Louis but before Louis could open his mouth, Jake answered.

"Yeah, that's perfect!" He said.

"You do realise that question was directed at me?! Unless your name is Louis, which I think I recall is not!" Louis shouted at Jake.

Jake stopped walking at turned around.

"Geez! Calm down, Louis. It's not a big deal!" Jake said rolling his eyes. I seriously felt like slapping Jake so hard right now that his cheek would turn a bright tomato red. He does NOT talk to my Lou like that!

Louis gritted his teeth really hard. I mentally crossed my fingers that he wouldn't break it or anything. 

We all walked in silence to the cinema. 

"I'm just going to go to the bathroom for a sec" Jake said before walking to the nearest Men's bathroom. 
"I fucking hate him. How dare he come in between our day which was supposed-" Louis started mumbling. I cut him off by kissing him. I've wanted to do that ever since I saw him today.

I felt him smile against my lips.

"Missed me?" I smirked once we pulled away.

"Sure did" Louis said, resting his forehead on mine. He smashed his lips on mine, the kiss becoming heated.

"Uh...... what's going on here?" A voice rang from behind me.

And that voice was Jake's...........


Hey guys :)

Just wanted to say thanks for all the favourites and likes for this book. Never thought this book was going to be the most popular book in all of my movellas :D

So thanx.

I just wanted to ask if you think that this book is kinda rambling on a bit and a bit slow. Do you want a -more-to-the-point kinda story or do you prefer this pace? :/

All comments welcome :)


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