Something About Her (ON HOLD)

~ON HOLD to be re-written~


6. Legilimens

Heavy storm clouds glided across the sky with the promise of a torrential downpour later in the afternoon. But that wasn’t what was bothering me. I was holed up in the library, doing excessive amounts of homework and study. Harsh lines were etched into my forehead as I began my potions homework, reminding me of my appointment with Professor Snape later that night. He would surely find out, I don’t think my mind is strong enough to block the spell. Then The Ministry’s secrets would be exposed and my parents would be murdered. I couldn’t let that happened. I snapped my book shut and followed all the other students to dinner. I hung back, shuffling along, and whipped my head around when I heard the room of requirement being opened. I looked around. I was alone. Ah hell, I thought to myself as I pushed open the iron doors and stepped into the room. Well, I couldn’t say that it was a room anymore. It now resembled a small bank of sand (which I was currently standing on) surrounded by azure ocean water. On the mini island there were two leafy palm trees with a hammock stretched between them. Lying on the hammock was, believe it or not, an iPod with ear plugs wrapped tightly around it. I pulled off my outer robe and loosened my tie before lying on the hammock, watching the sun set over the water as put in the earplugs and unlocked the iPod. Listening to my favourite music, I closed my eyes and ignored the pain in my stomach from skipping dinner as I dozed off.

“Wha-“ I tumbled off the hammock in confusion many hours later. The moon was high in the sky and it and the stars were now reflecting in the ocean. I checked the time on the iPod as I paused it. 10:29 p.m. it read. I cursed as I waited impatiently for the island to turn back into a room so I could get out. As soon as the door appeared I raced outside it and hurried to Snape’s office. I rapped on the heavy door, my stomach churning as I tried desperately to relax my face to not look to fearful. I chanted assuring words in my head. You are fearless. You are brave. You have nothing to be afraid of. The door swung open to reveal a very agitated looking Snape. “You’re late.” He drawled in that flat tone of his. “Sorry, I… fell asleep.” I apologized and bowed my head. “Sit.” He said dismissively. He turned away and fiddled with some of the thousands of potions and bottles lining the walls. I turned around and saw a simple wooden chair shackled to the ground. There were manacles on the arm rests. “W-what are the manacles for?” I stuttered, alarm welling up in my chest. He tugged on the cuff of his robes but ignored my question. Instead, flicking his wand at me in a silent spell which made my legs turn to jelly and I collapsed into the chair and the manacles snapped over my wrists. I struggled against the restraints as bonds which I hadn’t noticed before held my ankles tight. I thrashed and writhed in my chair until I realized that it was no use: I was stuck. My head fell forward in defeat and my hair fell forward as well, creating a curtain between me and the rest of the room. “Given up already? Smart girl. It is inevitable. Your mind will be annexed and I will be able to see and know every secret, every important moment in your life. You can’t stop me. You are weak. Just like your parents.” He spat. “You knew my parents?” I looked up. ”Well of course. Everyone knew your parents. Little Miss Cordelia, thinking she was loved by everyone and could do whatever she wanted. Your father was captain of the Qudditch team and everyone swooned before him. An obnoxious jock if you ask me.” He glowered. “Well no one asked you!” I shouted. “How dare you speak about my parents like that? You have no right.” He cut in “Oh I have every right.” He muttered in my ear. All of a sudden, my body started cooling down. Pleasantly at first, as it was fairly stuffy in the dungeons, but then it became slightly uncomfortable. Then it was painfully cold. I became colder and colder until it felt like ice was eating its way through my heart. Every part of my body was frozen stiff and it became hard to breathe. I drew in fast and shallow breaths to stay alive. I WAS strong. I WILL be strong. If not for me then for mum and dad. But sometimes being strong means admitting defeat. I was so frosty now I could no longer breathe and I felt the life being sucked out of me. I looked up at the potions master with pleading eyes and he cut off the curse. I panted and drew in deep breaths, savouring the rush of warmth back on my skin. Suddenly he spun around with his wand in his hand. “Legilimens.” He said quickly. My head was thrown back with an agonizing force as I felt my earliest memories being sorted through. Blowing out the candles on my fifth birthday. Camping with my parents. Flying for the first time on a toy broomstick I got for Christmas when I was six. Star-gazing with my father when I was eight. Visiting Madam Malkins in Diagon Alley for the first time with my mother when I was ten. No, I couldn’t let this happen. I pulled my head up, shuddering with effort and focused as hard as I could to block the spell. I cleared my mind and envisioned a solid brick wall. I felt it working but I was tiring quickly. My breathing was ragged and I wasn’t sure how much longer I could keep blocking so I pictured my parents smiling at me and imagined how proud they would have been of how I was holding up. An especially strong blast of magic surged through my head and I screamed at the amount of pain it caused. Black spots clouded my vision and threatened to take over but I pushed them back, focusing on building a wall around my thoughts. I stared at Snape right in the eye and challenged to keep going. I wondered if he was even allowed to do this to me. Probably not. Finally, it stopped. Snape had his back to me and was writing something on a piece of parchment. “You will come back tomorrow night and every other night until I get through to you. I don’t know what you’re hiding Ms White but I will find out.” He turned to face me. “One way or the other.” The shackles holding me down popped open and I stood up unsteadily. “What you don't know, you won't miss.” I replied boldly before walking straight out the door, feeling his eyes burning into my back. 

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